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About Wicko Design

At Wicko Design we are a local web design and SEO Agency who provide online services throughout the Reading, Berkshire area. Some of the products we provide include quality web design services, reliable website maintenanceecommerce web designecommerce maintenanceecommerce websiteswebsite optimisationecommerce integrationwebsite integration and website management. If you are in the ReadingBerkshire area and in need of web services get in touch today and see what we have to offer! 

Benefits of Good Website Design 

In recent years it has become more and more important to have a strong online presence, as potential customers have the ability to shop around hundreds of different websites from the comfort of their own home. At Wicko Design, our Reading based team can offer professional website design which will give your business an edge over competitors by creating the perfect first impression and instilling trust that your business can be relied upon. A high-quality website will also generate higher conversion rates, meaning that more visitors to the website will lead into enquiries and sales. Our team can ensure that website optimisation is carried out to a high standard which allows for a positive customer journey experience as they travel around the site. 

Benefits of SEO Services 

As an SEO Agency, our team at Wicko Design can ensure your business is found by customers and other businesses online. Having a high-quality website is of no use if it cannot be found on search engines. Our team uses a variety of techniques to ensure organic growth which lasts. The services our SEO agency provide will allow you to monitor the performance yourself so that you can see our effectiveness first hand, allowing you to play a part in your website management too. Through the monitoring and analysing of several metrics we can see when changes need to be made to keep you on top and can advise on any action which needs taking.

How can we help with your Ecommerce? 

Most businesses rely on some form of ecommerce to generate income. Our Reading, Berkshire based team specialise in ecommerce systems in a variety of ways. Firstly, ecommerce web design ensures that your ecommerce website gives the best impression to the customer and drives sales forward, this is something our dedicated design team can achieve for you. Secondly, ecommerce integration is the process of making sure the appropriate section of your website is properly integrated with the other sections, making a smooth journey through the website for the customer. Finally, our team provides ecommerce maintenance solutions which allow your business to continue running efficiently and reliably without downtime. This includes keeping your website up to date and protected from cyber-attacks which could sully the reputation of your business as well as costing you money from lost sales. 

Why Choose Wicko? 

At Wicko Design, we have been providing web design services from our location In Reading since 2007, giving us the experience and knowledge to ensure you see the best possible results. We make your online experience as easy as possible for you with our fully comprehensive array of services, from ecommerce web design to ecommerce maintenance, we have your website covered. With our ecommerce integration and general website integration services, we can also guarantee that different aspects of your online presence work together in harmony in order to achieve the best results. 

We have dedicated experts in different areas of the company, which allows you to rest easy with the knowledge that we have a wide range of knowledge in every aspect of your marketing. This wealth of knowledge is ready to be used to benefit your business, and any questions you may have can be answered accurately; we are always available to answer your queries. Our team is very passionate about our SEO and web services and, as a result, they always give 100% when it comes to marketing your business online. 

Contact our Reading based team today!

If you are in the Reading area of Berkshire area and need help from a reputable SEO agency, or require web design services such as website maintenanceecommerce web designEcommerce maintenanceEcommerce websitesWebsite optimisationEcommerce integrationWebsite integration or Website management, feel free to get in touch with Wicko Design today and our team would love to help! With our years of experience and training we are confident that our expert team can provide the exact level of service you need.

Wicko Design Reviews

by Nick Currie

Worked with David and Wicko Design for several years now on various website projects. Alw ways delivers above my expectations. Thoroughly professional business. Always happy to recommend them.

by Stu Wilson

I've used David whilst at two different companies and always enjoyed working with him. I I appreciate his mix of both design skills and the ability to turn those ideas that into a reality on the web with strong coding skills.

by Dom Rosato

Working in partnership with David and Wicko Design has been brilliant. David is very tho orough and detailed in his approach to design and build of websites. Not only that but he is dedicated to his task, ensuring he delivers above expectations. We are looking forward to working with Wicko Designs on many future projects.