About bizify

The bizify experience started in 2012 to help businesses gain exposure online, through the directory and through search engine results pages (SERPs).

What makes bizify different?

bizify is built in such as way that it doesn’t just act as a business directory, it also improves your online presence as it is built to rank too. The site uses SEO practices to help each listing perform well in the SERPs, giving each business the opportunity to rank, no matter how strong their current online presence is.

Where did the idea of bizify come from?

The idea of bizify came from both a passion for helping small businesses succeed and a passion for the world of SEO. Combining the two created a directory that offers the best of both worlds for each and every company that signs up.

Where did the name bizify come from?

The name bizify came from a combination of the words 'business' and 'identify'.

'Business' represents who we care about most and want to help, and the identify comes from wanting to identify new audiences for companies, increase online exposure for the companies we work with and identify companies that are trustworthy and good at what they do, for the audience that visits bizify looking for local businesses.

bizify’s Culture & Team

bizify is a business led online directory that started life as a small, local directory in the North East of England. Based around the principles of search engine optimization, it was set to grow from the start, however, has always been solidified in the small business culture.

Being ran like a small business has meant that the company still has that one to one atmosphere between us and our clients. Each client is an individual and is looked after by a specific member of our team.

We believe that every business, from those that are small and don’t have a website, to those that are large companies that already rank well, everyone should have the opportunity to rank well and stand their business, amongst other trusted companies online.

Our Values

  • Help every business succeed
  • Help you rank well in the SERPs
  • To help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily
  • Give your users as much information as possible
  • Always be on hand
  • Identify new opportunities for you and your audience

All of our clients’ public credentials and details listed and held within a unique listing that is designed to rank and give their audience as much information as possible.

No matter if you would like to sign up, already have a free listing, or have a premium listing, our team are always on hand to help you. This is instilled in everything bizify do.

Our team are still based in the North East and have been trained in digital marketing, SEO and business development, making them the perfect port of call for any questions or advice when it comes to your bizify listing.

Your bizify

Your bizify listing is your platform to use to your advantage, and it all starts with a free listing.

Adding the basic information about your company is the best way to make a start on improving your online presence. Upgrading to the premium listing opens up more opportunities to add more information, including images, social profiles, key services, and an in-depth company profile to create a listing that showcases your business, promotes your services and attracts more customers. It generates enquiries, sends traffic to your website and improves your branding online.

Get Results

Over 1 million listings built since day 1

Over 700,000 listing live at the minute

80% of our tracked search terms for all of our listings are on page one of the google search engine results pages

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