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About Silver Lining Animation in Middlesbrough

Silver Lining Animation, established in 2017, is an animation studio based in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, and covers all animation services. They specialise in everything animation related such as; animated teaching videos, animated explainer videos, social media branding, animated website GIFS, animated social media GIFS, marketing animations, animated videos, animated adverts, and animated e-learning. Silver Lining Animation is built on the principle of powerful story-telling, and an in-depth understanding of marketing and visual learning techniques.

We Are Passionate About Animated Teaching Videos And Animated Website GIFS

Silver Lining Animation excels in blending creativity with education, producing bespoke animated teaching videos and animated website GIFS. Their focus on crafting engaging eLearning materials revolutionises learning, making complex subjects accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience. The studio's dedication to combining visual storytelling with technical explanations showcases its commitment to the educational sector. Through animated teaching videos, Silver Lining Animation ensures information becomes more digestible and engaging, enhancing the learning experience and highlighting their passion for educational innovation.

Silver Lining Animation specialises in marketing animations and animated website GIFS, giving businesses unique tools to enhance their online presence. Their creation of animated website GIFS and social media branding aims to captivate and engage audiences, setting brands apart in the digital landscape. These bespoke animations, from animated logos to unique GIFS, are effective for communication and engagement on various platforms. Offering packages that cater to diverse needs, Silver Lining Animation provides personalised, cost-effective solutions for marketing animations and animated website GIFs, transforming the way businesses connect with their audiences online.

Why Use Animated Explainer Videos?

Silver Lining Animation excels in creating animated explainer videos beyond capturing attention; they are a powerful tool for boosting audience engagement and interaction. By utilising the advantage of social media algorithm's preference for video content, Silver Lining Animation enables businesses to differentiate themselves significantly. The animated content produced by Silver Lining Animation is noted for achieving up to a 400% increase in views and engagement when compared to traditional video formats, showcasing a remarkable improvement in online presence and audience interaction.

Additionally, animation's timeless and cost-effective attributes solidify its value for Silver Lining Animation's marketing strategies. The enduring visual quality of animation ensures that messages retain their impact over time, making it an efficient medium for conveying ideas. Updating or adding to animated explainer videos is cost-effective and ensures that new information integrates flawlessly with the existing content. This approach not only conserves time and resources but also maintains the coherence and appeal of the message. Silver Lining Animation specialises in turning complex concepts into simple, engaging stories, enabling Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire businesses to build confidence and drive sales through compelling and persuasive animated narratives.

Why We Rock At Animation

At Silver Lining Animation, our animation prowess perfectly blends creativity, skill, and passion, making us stand out in the animation industry. Our journey begins at our animation studio with our storyboard artists, who are maestros in translating ideas into visual plans. They lay the groundwork for animated and live-action videos, ensuring every scene is plotted for maximum impact across websites and social media platforms. Our professional scriptwriters, who craft compelling narratives designed to resonate and engage, add another layer to our expertise. They specialise in creating scripts that convey your message precisely and are imbued with a keen sense of animated storytelling tailored to your project.

The magic doesn't stop there; our design team at Silver Lining Animation breathes life into each concept with their stunning, bespoke artwork. They are the architects of imagination, creating everything from vibrant character designs to informative infographics, ensuring every project is as unique as the story it tells. Finally, our trained animators bring it all together. They excel in creating emotive character animations and dynamic motion graphics that captivate and entertain. Watching the designs and narratives evolve into animated masterpieces is a testament to our dedication and love for animation. This holistic approach to animation, where creativity meets expertise at every step, is why we truly rock at what we do. We have many happy clients such as Teesside University, NHS, Virgin Money, Mitsubishi Chemical, Megger, and Tracerco.

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If you are based in Middlesbrough or the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire and require animation services. Here at Silver Lining Animation, we can provide your business with animated teaching videos, animated explainer videos, social media branding, animated website GIFS, animated social media GIFS, marketing animations, animated videos, animated adverts, and animated e-learning. We understand that every business is different and has vastly different animation needs, for this reason we have a friendly and knowledgeable team on-hand to provide you with the support and advice you need. Please don't hesitate to get in touch today if you have any questions or wish to purchase any animation services.


What services does Silver Lining Animation offer?

Silver Lining Animation specialises in creating bespoke 2D animated videos, including animated teaching videos, animated explainer videos, social media branding, animated website GIFS, animated social media GIFS, marketing animations, animated videos, animated adverts, and animated e-learnings.

How can I start a project with Silver Lining Animation?

Potential clients should contact Silver Lining Animation directly through their website to discuss project needs, objectives, and how they can help bring your vision to life.

What are the benefits of using animation for my business?

Animation can boost visibility, engage your audience effectively, and help grow your brand's influence.

Silver Lining Animation in Middlesbrough Reviews

Excellent Animated Adverts
by Kevin

I received a very good and professional service from beginning to end. They ticked all the boxes. No problem giving them a 5 star rating.

Outstanding Animated Videos
by Jason

Ben and Ryan consistently produce fantastic animation work for us, their communication is always excellent and nothing is a problem. I couldn't recommend Silver Lining Animation highly enough

Exceptional Animation Studio
by Qi

Ryan and Ben are great. I worked with them on a research project. They are professional, proactive, and flexible. Accommodated all the requirements raised by me and policy partners. Always timely in communication. Highly recommended!