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About London Interventional Clinic

The London Interventional Clinic has a clear mission laid out in front of them, it is to deliver Innovative Treatment Programmes such as Minimally Invasive Treatments across a number of convenient locations throughout London. Focusing on Pain Management, Rehabilitation Therapy, Intervention Spinal Medicine, Chronic Pain, Chronic Conditions, Sports Injuries and Holistic Approach to avoid surgery where possible. Minimally Invasive Treatments are put in place for patients to have the option of avoiding surgery, long term medication and helps support the Pain Management Specialists. The team at London Interventional Clinic acknowledge and understand that living with pain can be detrimental to your mental health, so we are here to provide the best pain management with the best pain management specialists in order to get you back in shape. Get in touch with one of our dedicated team members to find out how we can help you. 

Why We Have The Best Reputation

The team at London Interventional Clinic is footed by Dr Stephen Humble, who is well known through the industry, and has also been a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Charing Cross Hospital. Specialising in interventional spine medicine, he exercises his innovative treatment programmes on patients who need his help. Having a pain management specialist leading the team enables a truly exceptional service. Choosing a route that involves minimally invasive treatments help patients across the London Boroughs manage things like Chronic pain and chronic conditions. Taking a holistic approach help the team visualise the bigger picture, not only does it help with physical pain, but it also takes into account their mental and emotional health also, this allows doctors a platform to offer minimally invasive treatments, paired with a holistic approach to enable the treatment process to be as effective and efficient as possible. 

We Are Back Pain Specialists 

Pain Management is one of the founding factors associated with back pain treatment. Our pain management specialists work tirelessly to find appropriate treatments for your back pain, working with you to ensure your cause of back pain is established, and then we will then use minimally invasive treatments to help relieve your pain. Through different innovative treatment programmes such as rehabilitation therapy we help provide effective back pain treatments throughout London and further afield patients can come to us if needs be. If you want to get in touch with one of our pain management specialists they will help you come up with an effective and innovative treatment programme designed to suit your needs, and help you even if you have chronic pain and chronic conditions

Do You have Sports Injuries?

Alongside all the pain management, rehabilitation therapy and minimally invasive treatments that London Interventional Clinic offer, they also specialise in sports injuries. Having a fully qualified team in place to help deal with all your sports injuries we can help you treat and rehabilitate all your sport injuries in the most efficient way possible, and also helping minimise repeat injuries from occurring. Consultants are happy to take the time to meet with you go through any innovative treatment programmes that could be put together in order to get you back out in the field as soon as possible, also taking a holistic approach where needed. The main goal would be pain management through the diagnostic process, then following through into the rehabilitation therapy. The main goal is to help you get back on the road to recovery and back to full fitness as quick as we can. The team at London Interventional Clinic have been offering sports injuries consultations for many years, banking a wealth of experience and knowledge they should be your first port of call for all your sporting injuries needs. 

Get In Touch With Us Today 

If you think you need the help of the team at London Interventional Clinic do not hesitate to contact them today, they are here to help you and your aches and pains. Specialising in pain management, innovative treatment programmes, rehabilitation therapy, intervention spinal medicine, chronic pain, chronic conditions, sports injuries, holistic approach and minimally invasive treatments they are here to help you get back to full fitness and health. Working with a team of fully qualified and dedicated consultants, London Interventional Clinic should without doubt be your first port of call for all your needs regarding your health, especially chronic pain, pain management and any sports injuries you may have occurred during playing your sport. Alternatively, you can head to the website, on here you will find all the information you could possibly need regarding all the different services that we offer. All different forms of treatment are explained and it covers specific injuries. The team at London Interventional Clinic look forward to hearing from you and helping you on the road to recovery and health.

London Interventional Clinic Reviews

Five Stars
by Teresa Rizza

Earlier this summer I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Humble who treated me for my back pain. It quickly made sense why he came with the highest recommendation when searching for the best specialist in treating spinal pain in London. From day one, Dr. Humble treated my case with urgency and provided complete transparency on the journey of my treatment and helped me to really understand what would be involved. He also worked closely with my physiotherapist throughout the entire process to ensure my treatment was successful. Thanks to his personalised treatment and expertise for my particular case, I was soon able to start feeling like myself again and I am forever grateful for the care and treatment I received from Dr. Humble but also from all his lovely staff who were also a great help to me along the way.

Five Stars
by Helia P-Shirmohammad

Five Stars
by Patrick OConnor

"One very calm and sympathetic consultation set me on course for a rapid reduction in my neuralgia and regaining control of my life. Within weeks I was snowmobiling and husky sledding in Lapland.