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About Coruba

Here at Coruba, we are one of the UK’s most successful suppliers of rubber products such as rubber safety mats. Our team are deeply passionate when it comes to rubber products which is why we should be your number one choice for your rubber moulds and rubber sheeting. From our base in Rochford, Essex, we offer a wide range of rubber sheeting, available in complete rolls or cut to parts and shapes that will best suit your requirements for rubber matting, rubber safety matts, electrical matting, stable mats and much more; so don’t hesitate to contact our team to find out how we can help you.

At Coruba we provide rubber matting, anti-fatigue mats, electrical safety matting, rubber moulds, switchboard matting and rubber gaskets in Rochford, Essex as well as throughout the UK and all of the products we supply are tailored to suit your exact needs, meaning your business gets the product it needs and deserves every time.

Our Products

We offer a vast amount of rubber sheeting at different grades, designs and materials in Rochford, Essex and the rest of the UK. Coruba can also provide bespoke rubber moulds, rubber extrusions, rubber gaskets and rubber seals too. We utilise a vast range of materials for your rubber matting including: Natural Rubber, SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton®, EPDM, Hypalon®, Silicone and Butyl, which allows us to always choose the best material for a given situation.

Our rubber sheeting products have many applications for your business, including: Anti-Static, Chemical Resistant, Flame Retardant, High Temperature, Drinking and Food Approved as well and Oil / Fuel Resistant. This ensures our rubber sheeting and rubber matting is a great choice for businesses in any industry, regardless of the role they will play. Whether you are looking for rubber matting for Stable mats or electrical matting, Coruba have all the resources and products available to ensure you get the best rubber sheeting out there for your specific needs. Whether you live in Rochford, Essex or elsewhere in the UK, Coruba have all your needs taken care of when it comes to your rubber sheeting, rubber gaskets, rubber moulds, switchboard matting, anti-fatigue mats and electrical safety mats, so look no further and contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.  

Why you should choose Coruba for your rubber product needs

At Coruba, our team based in Rochford, Essex, are able to provide rubber sheeting products of many different grades, each with their unique advantages. Some of our rubber sheeting can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°C to 300°C, making them useful in a wide variety of scenarios. Our rubber sheeting, anti fatigue mats, rubber safety mats and electrical safety matting can also be resistant against a range of organic solvents as well as being chemical, oil and fuel resistant. With such a wide range of properties we are confident that our rubber sheeting, rubber matting, rubber safety mats, electrical matting and stable mats are perfect for your business use no matter the industry. If you need rubber goods for a specific area of your business, contact our team and we can discuss what we can offer for you and your business.

Contact us

For the best service and high standard rubber sheeting in not only Rochford, Essex but the whole of the UK too, be sure to contact Coruba today. We can help find the best rubber matting to suit all of your needs and requirements to ensure the rubber sheeting you choose is the perfect choice for your business. We are passionate about the products we supply due to their high quality; this is why we believe we should be your first choice for rubber products across the UK. When you need anti fatigue mats, rubber safety mats, electrical safety matting, rubber extrusions, rubber sheeting, rubber gaskets, rubber moulds, stable mats, electrical matting, rubber matting and switchboard matting, contact our team and we can provide everything you need in one place.

Coruba Reviews

Victorian Rubber Door Mats
by Olivia

I am a mother of three and I really love DIY Projects... DIY are cost effective and very creative. I saw this article about rubber mats or rubber flooring used as wall decorations and I love it. I was hoping to find a beautiful rubber mat in our town, but their designs are not what I need. My friend recommended me about Coruba's Victorian Rubber Door Mats. These are the perfect mats for my DIY project. I bought it online and when the product arrived, it was perfect. Thanks for these!

Great Service and Product
by Lance

I really had a bad experience before with different rubber manufacturers. I am not convinced at first that Coruba is different, but after seeing that they really have a prompt delivery service and the products are high quality.. I can say that so far, this is the best rubber provider that I had a transaction with. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Moulded Rubber Workstation Mats
by John

For three years, I have been struggling with my old type of mats that I used to use for my restaurant's kitchen. Yes, it is cheap, but the quality sucks. It is very hard to clean and leave a stinky smell if ever I forgot to clean it for a night.

I am really glad that a friend of mine recommended me these Moulded Rubber Workstation Mats from Coruba. I am also glad that it is black in colour and its design fits well into the interior of my kitchen. My wife also loves it!

It is low maintenance and very easy to clean! I am really looking forward to buying another batch for my new franchising branch.I will recommend it to my other friends.