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Monday, 6th March 2023

Here at bizify, our team are based in the North of England, and in this area we are surrounded by historic buildings that are hundreds of years old. The business we are discussing today are providing an extremely valuable service, working to keep these heritage buildings in top condition using the traditional techniques that were used during construction. We are always interested in businesses doing something different, and The Yorkshire Lime Company are certainly providing a unique service to the Yorkshire area. 

If you are interested in heritage building repairs and the use of traditional techniques of restoration, take a look through this blog and learn about The Yorkshire Lime Company who are one of the newest additions to our team. We are sure that you will enjoy the read and you may even find that their services are perfect for you. 

What Makes Their Services Unique?

Modern bricklaying and construction involve the use of cement, as this is a fast and cost-effective way to create a structure. However, older buildings were often created with lime mortar, a more attractive and often more effective solution for older buildings. Using this traditional technique requires skills and knowledge that have become harder to find over the years, making this business crucial to maintaining the history of Yorkshire. Their use of traditional techniques allows them to work on heritage buildings which can be protected with the listed status. 

Keeping Heritage Skills Alive

It would be a shame to see these skills disappear from society, as they are vital to the maintenance of some of our most important and culturally significant buildings. The team at The Yorkshire Lime Company understand this well, and for this reason, they provide heritage skills training in Yorkshire, keeping the younger generation aware of these techniques and keeping the tradition alive. This focus on education and long term sustainability is one of the reasons we enjoy working with this business so much, as they are not only providing a service, but also giving back to the local community and creating work for the new generations.

What Is Lime Mortar Pointing? 

Lime mortar pointing is a traditional method of repairing and restoring the masonry of historic buildings. It involves the use of a mixture of lime, sand, and water to fill in the gaps between the stones or bricks in a wall, creating a strong and durable bond. Lime mortar has been used for centuries and is still widely used today due to its superior performance compared to modern cement-based mortar.

One of the main benefits of lime mortar pointing is that it is more flexible than cement-based mortar. This means that it can move and adjust to the natural movements of a building without cracking or breaking. This is particularly important for historic buildings, which may have settled or shifted over time. Lime mortar allows for the natural movement of the building, which helps to prevent damage and deterioration over time.

Another benefit of lime mortar pointing is its breathability. Lime mortar allows moisture to evaporate from the building, which helps to prevent dampness and mould growth. This is important for the longevity of the building and for the health of its occupants. Cement-based mortar, on the other hand, is not breathable and can trap moisture within the walls, leading to dampness and decay.

Why Is Lime Mortar No Longer Used?

With lime mortar being such a fantastic choice, you would assume that it would be used more heavily, so why do modern constructions opt for cement instead? The simple answer is that it is too difficult and time consuming, requiring experienced heritage bricklayers to get the job done to a high quality. By switching to cement, we may have decreased construction time and cost, but we have also sacrificed the style, longevity and environmental benefits that come with lime mortar. 

The team at The Yorkshire Lime Company are hoping to change this, bringing lime mortar back to much of the area and making it a popular choice again. Their heritage bricklayers provide their services at a great price so that this option is available to more people than ever before.

Choose A Specialist For Your Property Needs!

If you have a heritage property in the Yorkshire area, don’t settle for any bricklaying company, choose somebody who cares about the area and its architectural history. By contacting The Yorkshire Lime Company, you are sure to receive the level of service you desire and we are looking forward to seeing their future projects as we work with them going forward. If you need more information about their services, check out their bizify listing

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