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Friday, 5th November 2021

Here at Bizify, we have been following the outcome of the COP26 summit being held with all the world leaders; global warming and the climate crisis is an enormous issue, and we believe everyone needs to play their part at helping; otherwise, we will be living through another pandemic, one that affects the planet. Due to the recent summit, we wanted to highlight one of our most popular companies, SJPE Group. 

This is a company based in Nottingham and offers both commercial and domestic electric vehicle car chargers. Having taken it into their own hands, the team at SJPE Group have developed their company EV Charger Installs to help developers, businesses, and homeowners get the correct charging points for electric vehicles, making greener transport more accessible. 

Our team loves showcasing companies that are doing their bit for the environment. We believe SJPE Group is making huge strides at helping with the need for EV chargers in Nottingham, including working alongside the council to help power the buses! Excellent contracts that are supplying everyone in Nottingham with green transport, such a great company! 

More About SJPE Group

With more and more people moving towards electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, including domestic and commercial use, SJPE Group decided to create a company dedicated to bringing cheaper, greener and cleaner charging solutions to Nottingham and the surrounding areas. Having worked in electrical contracting and motoring since 1998, they decided to turn their focus towards the electric vehicle industry, which was a decision made to help combat the ever-changing landscape of vehicles. 

The companies philosophy is to be leading innovators in the industry and help with the shift to lower carbon emission vehicles. Better air quality is what we all need, the planet, and that is why we decided to highlight this company now. We believe they go hand in hand with the COP26 Summit, and we wanted to highlight companies that we felt were working hard to do their bit in the fight against global warming. 

The Services They Can Offer You

Do you already own an electric vehicle? Or are you thinking of buying a fleet for your commercial company? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, have you considered the possibility that you will need a company that can come to your location and install you with a high-quality EV charger? As more and more people move to electric vehicles, our team here at Bizify wanted to highlight the key players in the change; that is exactly what the team at SJPE Group are; with their company EV Charger Installs, they are taking Nottingham and the surrounding areas by storm. 

Whether you want an EV charger installed at your residential property or your commercial property, they can bring you a range of chargers for you to choose from, offering not only installations but also maintenance services as well. The company truly is an all-rounder for anyone looking for a professional to come out and help with EV chargers. We are known across the midlands for their incredible services. We are confident you should be contacting the team today if you need any help with EV charger points or EV charger installations in Nottingham and across the surrounding area.  

Why did We want To Showcase EV Charger Installs?

When it comes to showcasing and highlighting UK businesses, we always look to share our thoughts on companies who are making a difference or making considerable strides in their industry; the team at SJPE Group and EV Charger Installs are doing both! In light of the COP26 Summit, we wanted to discuss one of the businesses we know that are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and actively having an input in the change. 

Moving to electric vehicles may seem like a stressful or daunting task but with a company like EV Charger Installs on hand, we promise it won’t be easier. All you need to do is get in touch with the SJPE Group, take a look at EV Charger Installs website or check out their Bizify right here! We are proud to share with you a company that is customer-focused and driven at offering a greener and cleaner electric charger options. Get in touch with their team today.

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