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About Link Investigations

Here at Link Investigation, we are private investigators who offer private investigation, tracing a family member, counter surveillance, tracing beneficiaries, background checks, cv checks, fraud investigators, tracing people and surveillance services to clients throughout Crowborough and the surrounding areas of East Sussex. If you would like additional information on the private investigation services that we offer, be sure to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance is a necessary safeguard against the misuse of bugging devices. These can be GSM tracking devices, wireless devices or microphones secreted easily within any environment. People who live or work in a place where privacy might be compromised have found it necessary to safeguard their premises against the possibility of eavesdropping devices being planted in their homes or places of work. With spy electronics becoming increasingly accessible to the public, it’s no wonder that experts are being sought by businesses and individuals to inspect their premises for such devices. Counter surveillance has been given a lot of names over the years, including Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Anti-Surveillance Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Bug Sweeps/Debugging Sweeps; whatever it is that you call it, what you’re looking for is a team of people who can counter spy electronics with precision, skill and the latest technology. Well, look no further than the counter surveillance team here at Link Investigations in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Fraud Investigation

It is not just the business owners who are becoming paranoid over the rise in the number of fraud cases over the last few years… Private individuals are also being targeted with increasing numbers through the use of clever scams to trick them out of their money. More and more people are being targeted than ever before and face the risk of being scammed out of money or information through the use of bogus representatives, counterfeit goods, online dating scams, identity theft, fraudulent bank and paypal accounts, to name a few. How can you protect yourself from the risks of fraud? Sometimes, an opportunity can really be too good to be true, but how do you tell a genuine offer from a fake one? Our private investigators can help you to prevent fraud from happening in the first instance; we can work with you to evaluate a situation before you commit your finances. Certain types of fraud are harder to spot, but with our years of experience and expertise in dealing with the many clever ways that criminals use to scam money out of you, our help can be invaluable. We always advise people to take a measure of caution and have any vague situations thoroughly checked out to ensure that they are legitimate.

We can also help you to pursue a criminal investigation by providing supporting evidence, if you choose to take legal action. As private investigators and fraud investigation experts in Crowborough, we have worked with a number of companies, organisations and private individuals over many years helping them with their fraud investigation needs and requirements.

Tracing Beneficiaries

Tracing beneficiaries and tracing people in general is our most requested service in Crowborough. It’s a fact that a considerable number of people passing away every year have either not written or have neglected to update their will. If they leave relatives behind who cannot be traced easily, the estate will then pass to the Crown. When there is no will, or relatives mentioned in a will that cannot be traced by conventional means, Link Investigations in Crowborough can help. We are specialists in tracing beneficiaries and tracing people; our success comes from having several years of experience in family history research and developing techniques that enable us to trace not only known beneficiaries, but next of kin who are unknown.

Call Our Team In Crowborough Today

If you’re based in Crowborough or the surrounding areas of East Sussex and you require additional information on the services that we offer as private investigators, such as private investigation, tracing a family member, counter surveillance, tracing beneficiaries, background checks, cv checks, fraud investigators, tracing people and surveillance services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding the services that we provide as local private investigators in Crowborough. Alternatively, you can take a look at our website to see a full overview of the services that we offer to clients in and around the Crowborough area, we’re sure that you’ll love what you find.

Link Investigations Reviews

Excellent Job!

I have an expanding office cleaning business and use Link Investigations to carry out pre-employment checks on all potential employees, its a good job that I do because Link have discovered some are just what I don’t need in my line of work. Illegal immigrants with false paperwork and people with false ID in general or those that use their names back to front or use other family members identity. One offered to use his minibus to transport workers to and fro from one building to another and he had not even passed his driving test. I want to leave Link this review because when I thank them personally they always say, "its what we do”

Highly Professional

I found Don Gibson to be a focused, well organized individual, with a highly professional approach to all aspects of his work. Don was absolutely committed to delivering a quality service. He and others at Link, helped me and my family with confidential matters. I have no hesitation in recommending all those at Link Investigations.

Helpful, Friendly, Experienced

Not sure how many people work for Link but the three people I met at different times and for different reasons all inspired me to find a place to leave a review for them, very helpful, friendly and most importantly very professional in what they do, there is no substitute for experience, and they have it.