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Here at Floreon Ltd, we are a plant-based plastics company, that offers plant-based plastics such as Floreon Therma-Tech, Floreon Dura-Tech, Floreon Bio-Tech, flame retardant PLA, durable grade PLA, bio-tech compostable PLA, Floreon sample material, plant-based plastic, compostable high performance PL, and renewable plastic throughout Hull and surrounding areas of East Yorkshire. If you want further information on our plant-based plastic products, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We would love to assist you in any way we can. At Floreon Ltd, we are passionate about helping you find the product most suited to your requirements.

We Are Experienced In Floreon Therma-Tech

Floreon Therma-Tech is a PLA-based compound that serves as a sustainable and flame-retardant alternative to traditional plastics. Floreon Therma-Tech is engineered for applications that demand high flame retardancy, such as in electronics, automotive, and toy industries. This product is distinguished by it's blend of a flame retardant, impact modifier, and nucleating agent, designed to replace other products in various manufacturing processes like injection moulding, extrusion, and 3D printing. Our Therma Tech product is the world's first UL94V-0 yellow card-certified PLA, showcasing self-extinguishing properties that minimise fire hazards, which is a crucial advancement in bioplastics technology.

Floreon Therma-Tech meets rigorous safety standards but significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with plastic production. The product offers up to seven times lower carbon footprint compared to traditional flame retarded abs, making it a superior choice for environmentally conscious manufacturing. The compound is highly crystalline, which contributes to its enhanced heat deflection temperature, and its production involves highly renewable and sustainably sourced crops. With Floreon Therma-Tech, industries have access to a high-performance, flame retardant PLA that does not compromise on safety or sustainability, setting a new standard in the biodegradable plastics industry.

The Difference Between Floreon Dura-Tech And Floreon Bio-Tech

Floreon Ltd offers two distinct products: Floreon Dura-Tech and Floreon Bio-Tech, each designed with specific uses and environmental benefits. Floreon Dura-Tech is developed for applications that require high durability and impact strength, making it an excellent sustainable alternative to traditional oil-based plastics. Despite its durability, Floreon Dura-Tech maintains a high renewable content and is fully recyclable.

Although, Floreon Bio-Tech is used for applications that demand products to be compostable at the end of their life cycle. This pla-based compound is designed to biodegrade in industrial composting facilities, meeting standards such as 'OK Compost' and EN13432 certifications. Floreon Bio-Tech is suitable for various applications including toys, cosmetics packaging, and food-related products, where compostability and material safety are paramount. Like Floreon Dura-Tech, Floreon Bio-Tech features a high renewable content and significantly reduces the carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics.

Floreon Ltd's Commitment To Sustainability

Floreon Ltd is committed to sustainability through its innovative bioplastic solutions, which dramatically reduce carbon footprints by up to seven times compared to conventional fossil-resource-derived plastics like ABS. Utilising plant-based materials, Floreon aligns with global sustainability goals, offering a renewable and high-performing alternative that supports both recycling and composting. Floreon Ltd's approach not only meets the stringent demands of manufacturing sectors but also promotes a circular economy, minimising environmental impact and fostering responsible material usage across industries.

Get In Touch With Floreon Ltd In Hull Today

If you are based in Hull and the surrounding areas of East Yorkshire, and you would like to know more information about the products that we offer like Floreon Therma-Tech, Floreon Dura-Tech, Floreon Bio-Tech, flame retardant PLA, durable grade PLA, bio-tech compostable PLA, Floreon sample material, plant based plastic, compostable high performance PL, and renewable plastic, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss what type of Floreon product you may be looking for. We are here to deal with any enquiries and answer any questions you may have regarding the Floreon products we provide in Hull. Alternatively, you can visit our website for a complete overview of our Floreon products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Floreon Made From?

Floreon is crafted from renewable resources like sugar cane and corn, distinguishing our bioplastic as a sustainable alternative. Unlike traditional oil-based plastics derived from finite resources, Floreon offers an eco-friendly solution, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Is Floreon Recyclable Or Compostable?

Floreon offers options for both recycling and composting. It can be mechanically recycled or chemically recycled to recover its PLA feedstock. Additionally, Floreon Bio-Tech is certified as compostable in industrial composting facilities

What Makes Floreon Unique?

Floreon distinguishes itself by utilising Polylactic Acid (PLA) to create a durable engineering polymer. Unlike traditional PLA, which is often limited to disposable uses, Floreon's technology allows it to be used in durable applications. It features a UL94V-0 fire resistance rating and is halogen-free.

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