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D for Dog

Tel: 01895717255

2nd Floor, College House, 17 King Edwards Road

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About D for Dog

Dog lovers are without doubt a group of the most passionate people when it comes to their beloved pet, this can be seen through all the products that D for Dog supply on their website. The Ruislip based company D for Dog offer a wide range of products that are for dogs, such as; Dog Accessories, Dog Gifts, Dog Beds, Dog Bowls, Dog Toys, Dog Leads, Dog Clothing, Gifts for Dog Lovers, Dog Grooming and Dog Memorials for the dog loving clients. Not only do they supply Dog Accessories they also offer a wide range of advice on dogs, and they have a blog that is updated regularly about different topics of interest in the dog loving world. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the dedicated teams today, they will happily take the time to answer your questions. 

Why Choose Us

At D For Dog they supply a wide range of major brands for all of their products such as Creature Clothes, Dexas Popware, Fuzzyard, Halti and many more. All of these major brands are used to supply all of the products they sell such as; Dog Accessories, Dog Gifts, Dog Beds, Dog Bowls, Dog Toys, Dog Leads, Dog Clothing and all sorts of Gifts for Dog Lovers. D for Dog should be your first port of call for all your unique Dog Accessories and Dog Gifts, offering a way to keep up to date with all news and events in the doggie world, also offering advice on all sorts of dog related issues and you can even get involved in the online games and competitions. D For Dog is more than just a shop, it is an online community full of passionate people who care about all of the four legged friends out there. The team at D for Dog are passionate about being available at all times to help you buy your pet some fabulous treats. 

What We Can Offer You

Offering a wide range of products for dogs, D for Dog should be your one stop shop for everything related to items your dog needs for going on walks, comfortable sleeping or even for a memorial once your beloved pet has left you. People buying Dog Accessories has become a growing trend over recent years and has a large craze attached to it. Dog owners want the best for their pet and this doesn't stop at giving them a loving home. Your dog can have the best Dog Beds, Dog Toys, Dog leads and much much more, at D for Dog they offer all of those products, if you visit the website you will be blown away by the selection of products available and also how many different brands offered. One of the main stand out factors that D For Dog offer is the size ranges of all their products, offering all different breeds the chance to have the best Dog Accessories on the market, whether you own a Dachshund or German Shepard you will find a product in the right size for you pooch. D For Dogs are extremely passionate about customer care and it is hugely important for them as an online based company to keep our client base happy, so they can guarantee you the highest level of customer service through all of the orders placed. The team will deal with your orders from the moment they are placed all the way through to them being at your home with you and your dog. 

Get In Touch With Us Today 

D For Dog is an online company based in Ruislip who are passionate about helping you get your four legged friends the best Dog Accessories possible. Specialising in Dog Gifts, Dog Beds, Dog Bowls, Dog Toys, Dog Leads, Dog Clothing, Gifts for Dog Lovers, Dog Grooming and also Dog Memorials, the team are dedicated to helping you find whatever it is you are looking for. Offering not only products to buy, the website also allows you the chance to keep up to date with what is going on in the dog world, updating articles to the blog, helping with guidance and information you may need and also advice on dogs. Once you have decided to order from the site you will also find that there is a loyalty system in place, you should take full advantage of this every time you make a purchase through the website and you will find that D For Dog is built around catering for you and your dog, helping keep you both happy and healthy.

D for Dog Reviews

Five Stars
by Maria Smith

I bought a bespoke bowl for my daughter's dog for Xmas. Despite the fact that it was plastered with FRAGILE the courier, Hermes, still managed to break it. Jenny at D for Dog immediately ordered a new one which Hermes did not end up delivering and their customer service department was appalling. Jenny however, took matters in hand, changed courier and the bowl arrived safely. Yes, there were problems with this order but the service from D for Dog was excellent each step of the way. Efficient and quick. I would highly recommend but perhaps just check your order is not being delivered by Hermes :-)

Five Stars
by Clare Taylor

Excellent products, I bought an elevated collapsible dog bowl and matching mat. Been looking forever to find a bowl for a large breed dog that's also suitable for narrow boat living and D for Dog stocked the answer! Customer service was also excellent.

Five Stars
by J Cooper