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About M.McGinty Decorating Services

If you are in need of a lick of paint or a full new decor overhaul throughout your home, then look no further than M. McGinty Decorating Services, offering a wide range of services to help you with all your decorating needs across London. M. McGinty Decorating Services works as a Fully Qualified Painter and Fully Qualified Decorator, specialising in Interior Projects, Exterior Projects, Commercial Projects and Domestic Projects, whatever it is you need doing, he will turn his hand too and give you the best results possible. Offering High Standard Painting and High Standard Wallpapering is key to his success, alongside this he is Asbestos Aware Qualified and also Health & Safety Qualified. So if you need any painting and decorating done throughout the London area, get in touch with M. McGinty Decorating Services today. 

Why Choose McGinty’s 

Offering a fully personalised service tailored around the projects you want completing, M. McGinty Decorating Services work tirelessly to help you achieve your decorating goals, whether this is through interior projects or exterior projects, they are here to help you. Decorating your home can be a daunting task but at M. McGinty Decorating Services they have over 32 years of experience and can be on hand at any time to help you with any of your high standard painting or high standard wallpapering needs. Being a friendly and small business, it is guaranteed that your work will be carried out, they have an all works guaranteed policy, no project is too big or too small for the team. As a fully qualified painter and also a fully qualified decorator you will always receive the highest level of care and service when it comes to your decorating needs. M. McGinty Decorating Services are here to help you so if you have any questions about your external projects or internal projects do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

Domestic Projects

As a fully qualified painter and fully qualified decorator with over 32 years experience, domestic projects are mostly what the team at M. McGinty Decorating Services undertake. Proving they have a wealth of experience, they can help with any of your interior projects or also your exterior projects allowing you to sit back and relax whilst your project is completed for you. Working on domestic projects is something the team have done for many years and through this they can apply high standard painting and also high standard wallpapering to get your home looking how you want it too. The best part about the service offered is it can be carried out with or without you in the house, health & Safety Qualified all precautions are taken seriously in order to cause no harm whilst the projects are being carried out.

Commercial Projects

Not only can we cater to your domestic projects but we can also help you with all your commercial projects, bringing your workspace to life through high standard painting and high painting wallpapering. The commercial projects that have been carried out previously are places such as offices, hotels and shops. Having a range of qualifications to go with their reputation such as being asbestos aware qualified and health & safety qualified decorators, the team should always be your first port of call when it comes to your commercial projects. Being able to work around you and your schedule is how we manage to handle large scale projects. Interior projects and exterior projects are both applicable to commercial projects and we can guarantee that yours will be the only project that will be worked on at that time, dedicating all the time we have to one project means we can put your mind at ease that the work will be carried out the highest standard. M. McGinty Decorating Services are available through London and can help you access high standard painting and high standard Wallpapering locally to your business. 

Get In Touch With Us Today

As fully qualified painter and fully qualified decorator’s in the London area, M. McGinty Decorating Services are here to help with all your decorating needs. Specialising in carrying out high standard painting and high standard wallpapering services, the team should without a doubt be your first port of call. Working with interior projects, exterior projects, commercial projects and domestic projects show the vast range of knowledge held within the team, over 32 years of experience. Alongside experience, the team are Asbestos Aware Qualified and also Health & Safety Qualified, proving they should be your first port of call for all your decorating needs. Get in touch today by giving them a call, they can answer any questions or queries you may have, or visit the website, this will give you more details about the services offered by M. McGinty Decorating Services throughout London.

M.McGinty Decorating Services Reviews

Five Stars

Quick and easy process, restaurant looks fun and quirky again

Five Stars

Great work carried out, home looks amazing and fresh again

Good Job Done

I was very impressed with michael. His painting was excellent. Always on time and kept us up to date with the progress of the works being done. Cleaned up everyday. I wouldnt not hesitate to use him again