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About Gordon Irving Osteopath

If you are looking for Osteopaths in Bromsgrove, you have certainly come to the right place. Gordon Irving Osteopath has many years’ experience offering osteopathic treatment to the people of Bromsgrove, dealing with a wide range of problems. We are able to offer neck pain treatment, back pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, knee pain treatment, whiplash treatment and a range of other pain reducing treatments to help you live life more effectively.

We’re Here To Help

Here at Gordon Irving Osteopaths we believe that no person should have to live their life in pain. With that said, we have made it our business to help people in any way we can, offering massage and manipulation treatments that target various areas of your body to reduce the aches and pains you feel. It’s important for us to diagnose the problem and find out the cause of the pain. This enables us to treat the right area of your body. Even though you feel pain in your neck it might be caused by problems in your back or shoulder, so it’s important for us to establish what might have caused the pains you feel.

Effective Treatment

At your initial consultation we will gather all the necessary information that will help us to treat you effectively. Whether you are looking for Osteopaths in Bromsgrove that offer neck pain treatment, back pain treatment, shoulder pain treatment, knee pain treatment or whiplash treatment, Gordon Irving Osteopaths are here to help you moving forward.

A Diverse Range Of Clients

Gordon Irving Osteopaths already has a diverse range of clients visit from all over Bromsgrove and further afield in Worcestershire. This is down to the quality of care we are able to offer and the outstanding service we provide to all patients who walk through our doors looking for help. It’s important for you to realise that the work we do is designed to reduce the pains you feel, loosen the joints and muscles in specific areas and help you to move more freely. Our job is to manage the symptoms not heal the condition.

Pain Reducing Treatment

Offering pain reducing treatment in Bromsgrove and Worcestershire, Gordon Irving Osteopaths has an excellent track record for reducing aches and pains in the people we treat. If you are looking for Osteopaths in Bromsgrove then make sure you get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly, experienced team who can help you moving forward. Tell us a suitable time when you would like to visit us, and we will book you an appointment.

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For back pain treatment in Bromsgrove, neck pain treatment in Bromsgrove and shoulder pain treatment in Bromsgrove, look no further than Gordon Irving Osteopaths.

Gordon Irving Osteopath Reviews

Troublesome back
by Maria C

I have lived in pain with a troublesome back for some time. After 4 appointments at Gordon Irving Osteopath, I am no longer living in pain.