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About Damp Resolutions

Here at Damp resolutions, our professional team provide mould removal services throughout the Liverpool and Lancashire area. If you home or business has problems with mould or damp, Damp Resolutions should be your first call. We can carry out a mould or damp assessment to pinpoint the cause of the problem and then provide mold removal and damp removal services to bring your property back to peak health. When looking for a local mould removal company our team should be your first choice due to our experience and professionalism which ensure we are always able to provide the service you need.   

If you are In Liverpool or the surrounding areas of Lancashire and require a local mould removal company for mould removals, mould removal services, positive input ventilation, damp assessments, extractor fans, black mould removal, damp solutions, damp reduction or domestic mould removal, our passionate team at Damp Resolutions should be your number one choice. Contact our team today for more information regarding the services we provide.  

Our Services 

With many years of experience in the damp removal and home improvements industry, our team are able to provide a wide range of services and have developed many techniques to ensure top quality service every time. Some of our most popular services include:  

Mould Removals – Here at Damp Resolutions we understand that nobody wants to find mould in their property, for this reason we provide mould removals and black mould removal throughout the Liverpool and Lancashire area. We have a range of techniques and tools which we use for our mould removal services as every situation is different and will require a different approach.  

Positive Input Ventilation – One technique we use to reduce mould and condensation in homes in positive input ventilation. Here at Damp Resolutions, we can install positive input ventilation systems into your home which will introduce fresh, filtered air into the property, this will not only prevent mould and condensation but will also create a more pleasant and fresh indoor atmosphere. 

Damp Solutions – Damp in your home can cause long lasting damage to the property and furniture within as well as creating poor indoor air quality. By installing products such as extractor fans and positive input ventilation we can work to reduce damp and eliminate the cause entirely.  

The importance of mould removal and damp removal services 

Mould removal and damp removal services are deeply important for the health of your property as well as the health of anybody inside. Mould can create spores which travel through the air and these spores can cause respiratory problems such as infections as well as causing breathing difficulty for those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Mould is classified as a category one health hazard which places it in the same category as asbestos. For this reason, when you need a local mould removal company for mould removal, black mould removal and domestic mould removal, it is critical to choose a team you can trust. At Damp Resolutions our experienced team are the best in the Liverpool and Lancashire area for your home imporvements regarding mould and damp removal.  

Damp in your home can be caused by many different factors and can create black mould throughout your property as well as causing a musty odour and damaging walls. Damp comes in several different forms including rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and lateral damp, by choosing Damp Resolutions for damp assessments you can be sure of the cause before looking at damp solutions for your damp removals.  

Get in touch today! 

If you are in the Liverpool and Lancashire area and require a local mould removal company for mould removals, mould removal services, positive input ventilation, damp assessments, extractor fans, black mould removal, damp removal, damp Solutions and domestic mould removal, look no further, our experienced and professional team at Damp Resolutions have the knowledge and skills you need to bring your home back to normal at an affordable price.  

We would love to help you with all of your damp removal and mould removal needs so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today, we would love to help however we can! 

Damp Resolutions Reviews

Would Highly Recommend
by Zoe

Had ours fitted, would highly recommend as its improved our air quality, our condensation has gone and I'm presuming our damp has improved as my asthma has improved. Andy was great, no pressure salesman with good advice, very helpful. Thank you.

Free of Condensation!
by K Cardwell

For years the house has had severe condensation, if the rest of the winter stays free of condensation I will be extremely happy; up to now I am very impressed, as by now the windows usually do have condensation on them. Thank you.

Very Happy
by G Martell

Eliminated Condensation from our windows within the first week, walls dried out in about 3 months. Very happy with this system. Works extremely well and is very quiet. Fitted by a very polite and clean working qualified electrician. Would highly recommend this company.