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About Broadgate General Practice

Broadgate General Practice is a private medical clinic, same day doctor, walk in clinic and private GP situated in the heart of London. We offer efficient and professional services such as Flu Vaccinations, Psychological support, cosmetic treatments, children’s vaccinations, family planning clinic, sports medicals, sexual health screening, travel clinic, health screenings, walk-in-clinic, same day doctors, private GP, HIV tests and chlamydia tests to anyone who requires them in and around London. Our sexual health screening tests for problems such as HIV tests and Chlamydia tests are done with the utmost discretion. If you require a same day doctor to help with your health problems or treatments, Broadgate GP are the reliable, reputable and honest team to call. We are truly committed to providing you with a confidential, discreet and professional service and we are also a licensed Sexual Health Clinic and Family Planning Clinic.

How Can We Help You

Here at Broadgate General Practice, we understand that the people of London are usually very busy and, more often than not, too busy to be able to take time out of their schedules for an appointment. This is why we offer brilliant Walk-in Clinic services to everyone, you only need to walk in off of the street, and with the option of a same day doctor. You will not be subjected to waiting in long queues and the fuss of making an appointment, we aim to get you inside to see one of our doctors as quickly as we possibly can. We also offer Health Screenings to the citizens of London on a same day basis. Health Screenings are a set of tests that are performed in order to detect an illness or condition before the symptoms of said illness show up. We are able to provide cost effective Health Screenings for you, your family or the employees of your company, if needed. Also on offer are our Essential Health Screenings. One of the more important decisions in your life, if you choose to receive one of our Essential Health Screenings, you are able to better understand your current health status and, if any, your personal health problems.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

Are you thinking about starting a family? Well, we offer wonderful Family Planning Clinic services to people throughout London. We offer everything from contraceptive advice, HIV tests and chlamydia tests to sexual health testing and advice as we are also a licensed Sexual Health Clinic. We offer a wide range of contraceptives to suit all of our client’s needs and requirements. We will sit with you, find out exactly what you need and we will then advise you what is the best course of action for you to take. Here at Broadgate General Practice, we also offer Sports Medicals with a same day doctor to anyone who needs them throughout London. By taking one of our Sports Medicals, you can get a clearer picture of the state of your current physical health and the Sports Medicals will provide you with the peace of mind that is needed in order for you to train to the optimum level.

Looking After The Little Ones

Are you looking for a professional and experienced clinic to perform Children's Vaccinations? Well, here at Broadgate General Practice, we make sure that your baby is properly vaccinated as we are aware that Children's Vaccinations are one of the most important responsibilities for all parents. If you are one of the many busy people in and around London, our Walk-in Clinic here at Broadgate General Practice is the best and most convenient way of making sure your child has all of the Children's Vaccinations that they need. We are a very experienced Travel Clinic from a same day doctor too. If you are travelling abroad and are unsure about whether or not you need vaccinations, we offer same day doctor appointments as well as our Walk-in Clinic. We are able to provide you with immediate vaccinations if they are required, proof of vaccination and the other medical certificates that may be needed to ensure you have taken all of the necessary precautions and we can also provide you with one of our post travel Health Screenings here at our Clinic in London.

Get In Touch With Us Today

If you are based in London and are in need of any services including Flu Vaccinations, psychological support, cosmetic treatments, children’s vaccinations, family planning clinic, sports medicals, sexual health clinic, travel clinic, health screenings, walk-in clinic, same day doctor, private GP, HIV tests and Chlamydia tests then Broadgate General Practice has got you covered. We have fully licensed staff and we are also a fully licensed Family Planning Clinic, Sexual Health Clinic and Walk-in Clinic in London from our same day doctor. We care for and value every single person who walks through our doors and we vow never to rest until we have assisted you in every single way that we possibly can. Regardless of what you need, we are here for you. Take a look at our website to see a full overview of the health services that we offer and more on our same day doctor service. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly by using the number provided above and one of our London based team will take your call and fit you in with an appointment as quick as possible and answer any questions that you may have about our health services or our Clinic as a whole.

Broadgate General Practice Reviews

5 Stars!!
by Linzi Cormack

Cannot recommend Broadgate GP enough, after suffering from prominent lines I was really self conscious. One dinner break I turned to Broadgate GP to get some help, since then I have never looked back! My face is radiant and all of my confidence is back! Thank you so much for helping me Broadgate GP!

Five Stars
by Peter Kaplinsky

I had a rather personal issue I needed advice on and contacted Broadgate GP, they advised me to come in and see them for an appointment.

The service was excellent and the staff very helpful, the issue is now resolved and I would certainly use them again in the future.

Fantastic service
by Anonymous

I have had a very pleasant service from Broadgate GP. After I made a phone call on the morning, I quickly received the correct treatment that exact same day. I asked for the treatment to remain confidential and it has.

Thank you. I would definitely recommend.