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About Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant is a company I have set up to provide services for growth to small and medium sized brands. I am a small business marketing consultant providing ideas for marketing campaigns, brand strategy, local marketing, online marketing, marketing services, web design, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and email mailing in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas of Kent as well as providing my services to London. I have acquired over 25 years' experience working in different sectors and for multinationals, SMEs and startups in both the UK and internationally. I have a passion for helping small and medium sized businesses and am committed to providing a tailored service by assessing each client's unique challenges and focusing on key initiatives to drive growth. If you would like to know more about the services I offer, please feel free to get in touch with me today. 

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

There are many advantages of social media marketing, and around 92% of marketers use social media as a marketing tool. It requires both creativity and strategy yet nearly 40% of small businesses don’t use social media marketing because they either don’t understand it, or don’t know the benefits it provides. Such advantages include: 

-Build Your Brand Awareness: Using social media as a tool to build brand awareness means getting your name and services out in front of an audience. Twitter and Instagram use hashtags to reach people with certain interests and social media marketing can be used to establish your brand with the people your business needs to target. A lot of customers are fiercely loyal to a brand they like and trust, which can lead to more people sharing your brand on social media for their friends and followers with similar interests to see. 

-Build Your Brand Loyalty: Social media marketing provides the opportunity for fans of your business or brand to leave suggestions and feedback for the sort of products and services they would like from you without clogging up your phone lines and emails. This can give you incredible insight into what your target customers want from you and how you can further develop the brand. Publicly posting about your business and any products and services you provide is the best way to start a conversation about your business and grow your client base. 

-Audience Data: Social media can be used to gather information about your audience as most social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube have an option to view your analytics. This allows you to see who your social media marketing is reaching, including age groups, genders, and countries so that you can change up your social media marketing strategy for your intended audience. 

There are many more advantages of using social media marketing to grow your brand and business. Whichever social media marketing services you might be interested in, whether it's social media marketing strategy, paid social media advertising or a social marketing campaign (which could involve work with influencers or brand collaborations), I am here to support my clients through each step of the process and ensure that they understand the full benefits of social media marketing

Why Choose Me? 

My business, Small Business Marketing Consultant, was founded by myself and I have over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales, and events working with or for multinationals, SMEs, and startups. I am a small business marketing consultant providing ideas for marketing campaigns, brand strategy, local marketingonline marketing, marketing servicesweb designSEO marketing, social media marketing, and email mailing in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas of Kent as well as providing my services to London. Most of my clients are currently based in South London and Maidstone, although I offer my marketing services to all areas of the UK. There are many reasons my clients choose to use my services, including: 

-Experienced In Many Sectors: My experience covers a variety of sectors, including fashion, finance, hospitality, e-commerce, professional services, and fast moving consumer goods.

-Worked With Well Known Brands: I have worked with a number of brands from well known international companies such as Nestle and Courtauld's Textiles. These types of companies are well known to have incredibly hard recruitment selection procedures because they offer coveted jobs with the opportunity of fantastic marketing experiences and training.

-A Passion For Startups and Small Businesses: I have built small brands from scratch (Cat Turner London, Cat & Belle), assisted entrepreneurs with concept development and brand strategy, acted as an all-round Head of Marketing & Business Development (e.g. AAM Advisory, Park's Edge Bar & Kitchen) and been used as an ad hoc marketing resource (e.g. ElectroFire Group, Elaine Cleaning Services).

I am happy to discuss short and long term projects with my clients, whether on a freelance basis or as an ongoing contractor. 

Contact Me Today

If you would like to know more about the services I offer as a small business marketing consultant providing ideas for marketing campaigns, brand strategy, local marketingonline marketing, marketing servicesweb designSEO marketing, social media marketing, and email mailing in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas of Kent as well as providing my services to London, please feel free to give me a call. Additionally, please head over to my website to see the full range of services I offer.

Small Business Marketing Consultant Reviews

by Claire Underwood

Just had a consultation with Catherine and am awash with ideas for how to promote and direct my small business. I am completely new to marketing but Catherine has shown me how I can use social media and a website presence to drive business to my door. She has also prompted me to take some key decisions about what I’m aiming for with my business. I would recommend her as a small business marketing consultant to anyone looking for guidance and inspiration.

by Christina Clark

I had an initial consultation with Catherine and learnt so much within 45 minutes! Catherine gave me so much of her time and motivated me to take the first small steps to creating a business...After talking, I felt enthused, energised and confident. Catherine helped me to see the bigger picture. Would definitely recommend!

by Anna Pattenden

The time I spent on the phone with Catherine turned out to be invaluable. Her knowledge and expertise of marketing and branding for small businesses, like mine, is second to none. I was blown away!...After just an hour's phone call, I came away with a clearer plan to attract the right kind of clients and expand my business