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Excellent Tutorial

I set up a website a while ago, I really struggled to get my site seen in the local searches in Google and Bing. I tried everything I could think of and numerous Tutorials I found on Youtube. Needles to say none of them produced results in getting my site high in the searches, I was ready to throw in the towel when I came across Barrie Evans Tutorials Local SEO Domination. I can tell you I am so pleased I found this guy's website and the information he offers in his tutorials. My site is now first page in local searches and is now in the first few pages of Google and my sales have improved dramatically. If you are going to spend a little bit of money on improving your recognition in the Search Engines then go no further than this guy.
The price you pay is minimal to the benefits you will see in a short time, I wish I had found this guy's Tutorial when I had First set up it would have made thing a lot easier.
All I can say is a big thank you.