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Elena Romanova is a fully qualified, down-to-earth interior designer, based in Surbiton, Surrey. With a passion for interior design, Elena comprises all the expertise and passion for design that you would expect from a high-end interior designer like herself. After studying at the National Design Academy, Elena gained the Diploma she wanted in the field of Professional Interior Design.  

In the modern era, interior design is a massive part of how we live on a day to day basis, and Elena recognises the potential in any home or domestic set-up. She likes to focus on what her clients enjoy and the lifestyles they lead, and by getting to know them, she can draw out their characters and use this knowledge as part of the design process. Developing relationships with her clients is extremely important, as she seeks to learn as much as she can about them before coming up with a design plan.

When it comes to interior design in Surbiton, Elena has you covered. Dealing with all enquiries herself, Elena offers interior design services that include, redecorating, home staging, bespoke curtain design, space design, bespoke home furnishings and project management too. She works with a very flexible attitude and uses her passion for interior design to really excel in the field.

Interior Design is more than just redecorating and Elena Romanova Interiors are a prime example of what can be achieved when you believe in something. Elena believes that interior design is for everyone, and that our living spaces should reflect who we are and make us happy. It's because of this, that Elena has set up her own Interior Design Workshop, which offers an insight into the world of interior design. Her workshop consists of inspirational activities and lessons in the art of finding inspiration.

As a company, based in Surbiton, Elena Romanova Interiors offer an interior design consultancy service. As part of this consultancy service you can recieve expert advice on how to utilize space and improve your home in a way that suits you. Space Design, Bespoke Curtain and Bespoke Furnishing Design, Home staging, Project Management and Interior Lighting Plans are a combination of the services that Elena Romanova offers her clients. 

Working in Surbiton, Elena also covers Kingston-upon-Thames, Wimbledon, Richmond, and several other different towns in the Surrey area.

Is project management something you would be interested in? Are you looking for a high end interior designer or design consultant? Contact Elena Romanova Interiors in Surbiton today for expert advice and the answers you are looking for. Alternatively, you can take a look at her portfolio online and gain a better understanding of what she can do for you. 

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