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Thoughtlounge Ltd is the place to go if you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Southampton, Hampshire. We cater to a wide variety of hypnotherapy sessions including: Coaching Hypnotherapy, quit smoking hypnotherapy, phobias hypnotherapy, anxiety hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnotherapy and addictions hypnotherapy.

Thoughtlounge Ltd specialise in solution focused Hypnotherapy which helps people to change their behaviours and habits, to feel more confident than ever before and reduce anxiety. Thoughtlounge Ltd is the go to provider of Hypnotherapy in Southampton. If you are looking for a Hypnotherapist in Southhampton to help with quitting smoking, phobias, anxiety, weight loss and addictions, contact Thoughtlounge Ltd for the best Hypnotherapy around. NLP using techniques to help analyse how each individual thinks of themselves in the world, beliefs and thoughts, making it clear how we interact about our thoughts and feelings in the world. NLP will give a clear indication of what the individual feels and thinks, giving a clear representation of their symptom or problem.

Our Hypnotherapy sessions at the Thoughtlounge Ltd in Southampton, Hampshire, are proven to have great results. We can help with symptoms to help relieve you with any stress, problems, phobias or bad habits through our Hypnotherapy. Having phobias hypnotherapy, anxiety hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnotherapy, addictions hypnotherapy and quit smoking hypnotherapy will help you in everyday life. By having our hypnotherapy sessions, it will help make daily routines easier to deal with, and relieve the stress and strain of your symptoms or problems from holding you back.

Hypnosis is the best way to create fast results to resolve your problems and troubles. If you feel like your problem, phobia, or bad habit is holding you back, please, choose Thoughtlounge Ltd in Southampton, today and our Hypnotherapist can help relieve you of your worries and problems. Anxiety Hypnotherapy, quit smoking hypnotherapy, coaching hypnotherapy, phobias hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnotherapy and addictions hypnotherapy, can and will help you with your problems, giving you a better way of life and see everything differently.

If you are looking for the best hypnotherapy in Southampton, Hampshire, choose Thoughtlounge Ltd today, we can help with a wide range of hypnosis. Whether it be coaching hypnotherapy, quit smoking hypnotherapy, phobias, hypnotherapy, anxiety hypnotherapy, weight loss hypnotherapy or addictions hypnotherapy. Thoughtlounge Ltd are happy to help with an extremely wide variety of problems, symptoms and troubles, so don’t suffer any longer, contact us today. Alternatively, you can visit our website first to check out what hypnotherapy sessions our hypnotherapist covers. Check out our website and see more on the hypnotherapy Thoughtlounge Ltd offers, or give us a call today!

Thoughtlounge Ltd Reviews

Thank you SO much Iain!

I have tried to quit smoking in 4 different occasions and always failed. Literally I thought hypnotherapy was my last resource... and it was!! Less and less cravings, until 2 days ago, I saw someone smoking in the morning and literally my stomach was upset... mind you, I used to smoke almost as soon as I opened my eyes and now I have been without a cigarette for about 2 months. Iain helped me so much that I have no words to thank him.
Note: To quit smoking is a VERY hard thing to do, it requires to really want to quit and a day by day struggle. What Iain does is a HUGE help but at the end it is up to you if you lit that ciggie or not. It is not a miracle trick. It is a treatment that will help you immensely, but it is not magic. It requires work and will power.
Please feel free to ask anything about my experience with Iain, I will be more than happy to share my great experience. -Ligia Wright

Thorough Therapist!

I felt at ease immediately when meeting with Iain. I have been to other hypnotherapists before who were not even half as kind, caring and genuinely empathetic as Iain was. He made me feel completely comfortable before we began the hypnotherapy (which actually achieved results), unlike other hypnotherapy sessions that I have attended previously. Iain then followed up the session by phoning me the following day (as promised) and then again the following week and month. I have really felt that Iain genuinely cares about his clients and wants to help as best he can. Having said that, as Iain stated to me- there is always an element of will power that has to be included in any hypnotherapy session and you have to want the change in cognitive pattern! All round brilliant hypnotherapist that I would (and have) recommended to friends and family!

Iain changed my life

I suffered from insomnia for over 8 years, it reached a point where I wouldn't sleep for weeks on end. Everyday was a struggle, it completely took over my life. I could just about get through a day at the office because I had to, but socialising was pretty much out of the question. Iain was recommended to me, so I booked to see him straight away. He worked his diary around me and after one session I was sleeping normally. I couldn't believe it, I had tried everything, I could even remain awake after taking a sleeping tablet that's how bad I was. Iain has completely changed my life, I feel fantastic. I've got my life back, my only regret is I didn't find him sooner. If you're thinking of seeing him, do it, you won't be disappointed.