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Crawley Furni-Aid

Tel: 01293 618844

40 Linchmere Place
West Sussex
RH11 0EX

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About Crawley Furni-Aid

Crawley Furni-Aid are committed to reducing waste and pollution caused by recycling otherwise unwanted goods. As a company, our work has been recognised by the Crawley Environmental Forum and we have been lucky enough to have won a number of Crawley Green Business Awards. Based in Crawley and covering the West Sussex area, Furni-Aid are a charity who sell second hand furniture via our furniture shops and bed shops and used the money we get from sales to help out charities in need of money.

With a massive selection of used furniture, discount furniture and discount beds, Furni-Aid have everything you need in one place to create a cost effective, second hand home. We realise you won't want to build you entire interior home based on second hand goods, but we like to think we can help you pick up a bargain along the way. 

All the second hand bedroom furniture and second hand furniture we sell is restored to the best of our ability, we do ask though, that before we take your furniture away for you, you give it a thorough cleaning, so that there is less for us to do before we sell it. This is a polite request and in most circumstances we don't have to ask. In other cases, however, we haven't been able to take furniture away because of how badly condition it's in. So if you do have the opportunity to get the rubber gloves on and clean up your used furniture, it would be a massive help to us! 

From discount beds to discount bedroom furniture like wardrobes and chests, Furni-Aid have you covered. We can bring your items at incredible rates and in mint condition too. A lot of the furniture we sell comes from house clearances in Crawley and the surrounding area of West Sussex. House clearances are an excellent way for us to build our stock up and we like to think we are helping families get rid of any unwanted items in the process. Whether you're wishing to clear out for a move, downsize, bereavement, general tidy up or you're a landlord/tenant looking to meet requirements set by the other, we are here to help. Some of our clients include local social services within the Crawley Borough Council, Horsham District Council, Estate Agents and the general public too.

Furni Aid, in Crawley, never sell any items that we wouldn't be more than happy to use ourselves and we work hard to ensure that our furniture recycling process is a smooth one and an efficient one. No one wants to use dirty or broken furniture so we do stress than when you contact us about collecting your furniture, that all items are in useable condition ready for the re-sell. We are committed to selling top quality bedroom furniture and discount beds for people to enjoy and your satisfaction is our priority. 

As a bedroom furniture shop, we offer orthopedic mattresses too! These types of mattresses are excellent for helping those with painful back conditions and spine alignment issues. Being built with special materials and manufactured with specific properties to help those who suffer with back pain, means that orthopedic mattresses are usually rather expensive. Crawley Furni-Aid are in an excellent position to pick up these specialist mattresses and bring them to you at discount prices. Just because your back suffers, doesn't mean that your wallet has to as well!

If you have any questions regarding any of the second hand furniture, used furniture or recycled furniture we offer, please don't hesitate it contacted us via the number we have listed above, or alternatively you can visit our websitte and see if you can find the answers you are looking for there! 

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