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About Star Electrical

Here at Star Electrical, we provide quality electrical products throughout the Hounslow and West London Area. As local electrical wholesalers in Hounslow, West London, we provide a variety of LED lighting and wiring accessories such as LED Candle bulbsLED strip lightsLED bulk headsLED flood lightingLED panel lights, and general electrical cables. If you’re in the Hounslow area and are interested in our products, get in touch today either in-store or online to discuss how we can help you.

Some Creative Uses for LED Lighting 

LED lighting has a variety of creative and functional uses around the home, garden or workspace. At Star Electrical we can provide you with everything you need to really transform your space. Here are a few great ideas:

Under Cabinet LightingLED strip lights and spotlights underneath wall-mounted cabinets and floor kickboards can give your kitchen and utility rooms a whole new look. By providing light from a different direction, they negate darker-shadowed areas of the room whilst also providing usable light to any worktops beneath.

StairwaysLED lighting can provide light to a stair space which often lacks a traditional window or overhead bulb. Perhaps more importantly than the aesthetic appeal is the safety provided by lighting stairs on a night. At Start Electrical, we supply a multitude of lighting options for stairways from LED strips to panel lights.

Televisions and Monitors: Screens can be enhanced greatly by adding lighting systems to the rear of the screen itself or on the desk or wall behind the screen. This backlighting can provide immersion to any show or videogame. LED Strip lights and LED panel lights are perfect for this application.

Outdoor FurnitureLED Lighting can be added to outdoor furnishings and structures such as pathways and decks to illuminate your outdoor spaces, allowing you to continue enjoying your garden even after the sun has set.  Star Electrical can provide fantastic outdoor lighting throughout the Hounslow and West London area, including LED flood lighting for visibility and security.

Benefits of LED Lighting

The LED lighting solutions provided by Star Electricals can be a quick and easy way to improve your interior spaces without the need to spend a fortune. LED candle bulbs for example can provide natural flickering light to any room, creating a warm, cosy environment without the need for disposable candles. Large LED panel lights and LED bulk heads can use both regular lighting or soft lighting using a frosted finish on the screen to create a natural glow that doesn’t stand out too much whilst also creating a broader illumination to light a larger area.

Why choose Star Electricals?

As a family-run local electrical wholesaler in Hounslow and West London, we have been providing a wide range of electrical supplies for many years. Whether you are an electrician by trade or looking to improve your own home or business, we will have the right equipment for you. Aside from LED lighting, we also provide a wide range of wiring accessories and cables. Our team is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to electricals and can assist with any queries you might have, as well as suggesting solutions you may not have considered.

We can provide LED lighting and other wiring accessories in small quantities to the public and also in larger quantities for businesses and contractors both in-store or online, whichever suits your needs best.

Our team are local to the Hounslow and West London area and care about your requirements as a customer more than any other business. With our passion for electricals, you can rest assured that our advice and products will meet your every need.

Contact Our Hounslow-based Team Today

If you need any more information regarding the electrical goods that we offer throughout Hounslow or the surrounding areas of West London, such as LED candle bulbsLED strip lightsLED bulk headsLED flood lightingLED panel lightswiring accessories, and general electrical cables, please get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today.  As your local electrical wholesalers, we can provide the goods and information you need both online and in-store.

Star Electrical Reviews

by Krishan Kumar

Everything is under one roof. Its a family run business with friendly and helpful staff. They have and extensive range of lighting and the latest technology.

by Jwan Arab

Excellent service, very friendly staff and good price all the time.

by Debbie Prendergast

I ordered 4 lights and they arrived quickly and look amazing. Unfortunately my carpenter broke one of the shades. I called DSK to see if I could order a replacement. It will be here tomorrow. Fantastic service and friendly helpful staff. I would definitely recommend them. And will be using them again. Thank you.