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About Loved Brands

Here at Loved Brands, we provide branding services for Beauty and Wellness businesses. We specialise in helping our clients to be loved by their audience through strategy and design.

We are based in Tower Hamlets, London, but our clientele is based worldwide. We rely on technology rather than physical space to collaborate smoothly with our clients, delivering projects on time and within the budget.

Our team specialise in beauty and wellness businesses whilst aiming to utilise brand strategy to retain existing customers, cultivating brand loyalty. We are deeply passionate about design and love to create exciting new brands. Our logo design is one of our biggest strengths; over the years, we have developed an impressive portfolio of business logos to show you what we can do. We are also a Beauty branding agency who offer complete beauty brand consultancy services which will ensure your business gives the best first impression, first time, and every time.

We also offer brochure design, beauty brand consulatncy, brand consultancy, brand identity design, brand management, brand strategy, and services.

The importance of a beauty marketing agency

As a brand consultant specialising in beauty brands, we understand how important brand management is in the current market. Customers now have the ability to shop between thousands of businesses in mere minutes due to the prevalence of online retail. Loved Brands will help you make the most of your online presence with a unique brand voice and logo design. When carried out effectively, brand management can allow your business to stand out from all the rest, therefore generating more business.

This emphasis becomes even more critical when trying to target an area with a lot of competition. Unlike physical, traditional marketing, your online branding will reach a far larger area over multiple different avenues, and so it is imperative that your brand strategy follows a cohesive theme; otherwise, your brand may seem disorganised and confused.

Our services

At Loved Brands, we offer a vast variety of services so that we can provide a fully comprehensive package in order to totally transform your brand image. Our services are often available at different levels depending on your specific needs and budgets. Our logo design service, for example, is available at 3 different levels, bronze, silver and gold; these levels involve different amounts of detail, such as the addition of business card designs, premium email signatures and a varying amount of design revisions to perfect your image.

As a brand consultant and skincare marketing agency, we can also advise on which direction to take on your branding journey. We can help define your brand identity, which involves the creation of your strategy, logo and design. We then look toward a marketing strategy in which we analyse your competitors and decide where to position your brand and how this will affect your business's future steps. This service is aimed at long term results and can benefit greatly from a communication strategy in which we utilise social media platforms and decide on how we wish to interact with customers. By carrying out these services to our usual high standards, we can expect your business to stand out and become recognisable in the sea of businesses online.

Why choose us 

With over 10 years of experience and university qualifications from both Valencia and London, we have the knowledge and background to curate the bespoke effect you are looking for. Other brand management consultants operate over multiple industries without specialising on your particular niche, whereas our team at Loved Brands are passionate about beauty and wellness businesses and so can provide a more in-depth service. By choosing us, you are guaranteeing that your business is in safe hands as we will not rest until we are satisfied with the final outcome.

Get in touch

If you own a beauty or wellness brand and require brand design services or brand consultancy, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide logo design, skincare marketing, brochure design, beauty brand consultancy, brand identity design, brand management, brand strategy, beauty marketing agency, skincare marketing agency, beauty brand consultancy and beauty branding agency services to meet your specific needs. Our team at Loved Brands should be your number one choice for any branding design queries. Get in touch today with any questions, and we would love to help.

Loved Brands Reviews

by Imma Pascual

They turned my business idea into reality! Mar is truly a professional. She is creative, motivated, and a great communicator. She made it easy to work together and achieve the desired results.

Mar gave me so much clarity, and together, we’ve created a great brand that is really close to my heart and resonates with my clients. Thank you!

by Ben Hur

They really understood my target audience and provided a very professional service. It's very evident that Loved brands are actually passionate about what they do as they offer beyond what is required.

by Maria marco

We have had incredible results since we started to work with Loved brands. They added a purpose to our business and helped us to increase our customer satisfaction, which is resulting so valuable for us. Thank you!