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About PC-Dial-A-Fix

PC-Dial-A-Fix is a leading computer repair company based in Bristol with expertise in fixing all computer related issues. We will effectively remove viruses found in your PC, laptop or PC and provide a full data recovery service. If you live in Bristol and you are looking for PC repair, Laptop repair, or computer repair, make sure you get in touch with PC-Dial-A-Fix today. We can talk to you about your problems and put a strategic plan in place quickly for fixing your computer in the most efficient manner possible, we can also support you throughout the whole process. Our passionate team is here to be on hand for whenever you need us. 

Why Choose Us

As a Bristol based team, we are able to offer an effective virus removal service which can significantly speed up your computer and get rid of any potentially damaging files that might be lingering in the system waiting to attack! Helping keep your computer in its best shape, meaning you can keep your set up running for a longer length of time without having to replace it. Viruses can be dangerous to your computer if left untreated, so we encourage you to get in touch and ask us about our virus removal service as soon as possible! When it comes to repairing computers, PC-Dial-A-Fix are the ones to call! We have years of experience working in Bristol, helping hundreds, if not thousands of people who needed their computers fixing quickly. As part of our everyday service, we offer laptop screen repair, local pc repair, a data recovery service, as well as being able to deal with the vast majority of custom built computers.


If you are looking for computer repair services, laptop repair, PC repair, computer repair, or a company who offers virus removal services in Bristol, then you have certainly come to the right place. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable computer technicians and engineers will quickly be able to diagnose the problem (even when it's not so obvious), and will have your computer or PC returned to you just as soon as we have finished repairing it! Whether you are looking for a data recovery service, computer repair services, laptop repair, or laptop screen repair in Bristol, PC-Dial-A-Fix are able to help you. By calling us today we can discuss your options with you, give you any advice necessary, and provide you with an estimate on all future repair work based on the details you provide us with. Alternatively you can always visit us online and read more about the PC repair, Laptop repair, or Computer repair services which we provide.

Data Recovery

It doesn't matter how new or reliable your computer is, the chances are day it will fail, and you could potentially lose all your data, meaning you would need data recovery performing to regain access to it all. PC-Dial-A-Fix can be your port of call when that happens. If you notice anything changing with your computer, for example; clicking noises, error messages, missing files or not opening files when you ask it too, we recommend turning your computer off ASAP and getting in touch with us. Our data recovery team will work quickly and efficiently to get your data back to you as soon as possible. The best part about our data recovery service is that for whatever reason we can’t retrieve your data, you will not be charged for the service. We are here to help you and it would not be right of us to charge you for a service you haven’t received, that’s why here at PC-Dial-A-Fix we are passionate about your custom. 

Get In Touch With Us Today 


As a team of computer wizards based in Bristol we can help fix your computers in a jiffy! Our team of technicians are more than happy to take your call, we can answer any questions you may have regarding any of the services we offer, ranging from; laptop repair, computer repair, virus removal service, laptop screen repairs, computer repair services, data recovery services and custom built computers. Alternatively, you can visit our website where you will find it is full of information, hopefully you will find the answers to any of the questions you have also any queries you may have. Our team is more than happy to help you and we hope to hear from you soon as PC-Dial-A-Fix. Working hard to help you repair any of the computer related issues you have in the best way we can. 

PC-Dial-A-Fix Reviews

Five Stars
by Yeyoyk

Cracked my new laptop screen. First person who looked at it kept it a couple of days and said they couldnt fix it because they couldnt get the screen and also couldn't separate it for the fix.
Took it here and within a few hours got a call to say they could get the screen. Had to wait for it to come in but i had my laptop back with a new screen in under a week. Also gave me a small discount which was great.
Thanks Andy!

Five Stars
by Michael Weir

Perfect customer service. Laptop touchscreen was cracked and my back casing had disconnected from hinge. Here it only took a week and a half and was a really good price to replace. Recommend PC Dial a Fix highly.

5 Stars
by Kc2503

Great company and excellent service! My battery went on my laptop and Andy replaced it very quickly and with no issues, very reasonable price too. Definitely recommend.