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De Melo

Tel: 01642 248167

248 Linthorpe Road

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About De Melo

De Meló is Middlesbrough’s first artisan espresso, patisserie and dessert restaurant. We specialise in a unique array of products from our exclusive triple origin coffee blend (the ONLY place in Middlesbrough you can sample this!) to our freshly made Belgian waffles. From ice cream sundae’s to a whole selection of chocolate bar milkshakes, our sweet dessert range is unrivalled in quality. But what really sets us apart from our competition is our fusion of European patisserie. Trust us, after a visit to De Meló, coffee and cakes will never be the same again.

If you are looking for coffee shops in Middlesbrough that serve specialist coffee such as artisan espresso, triple blend coffee, or de melo coffee, De Melo is the place for you. Patisserie, Sundaes, Crepes, Waffles and Milkshakes all combine to make up our marvellous menu which brings druel to the mouth, and warmth to the heart. A satisfied tummy can never underestimated either, as you send your senses tingling with delightful tasting treats.

Perfectly placed in Middlesbrough, we hope to attract visitors who appreciate good coffee and good food. As the first dessert restaurant in Middlesbrough, we feel we are the place to be for anyone who appreciates the value of well made coffee.

Artisan Espresso, Patisserie and De Melo Coffee provide the ultimate combination. De Melo have a purely magnificent that you can view by heading over to our website. A quick trip to our coffee shop in Middlesbrough, and you are sure to fall in love quickly. Visit us online to find our more, or come on down to try our triple blend coffee, crepes, or patisserie. We look forward to seeing you soon!

PS. Make sure you ask us about our Wafer Baskets! You will be missing out if you don't!

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