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About Calypso Sephora

Finding new and exciting clothes can be a challenge, here at Calypso Sephora we are passionate about helping you find just that! We specialise in one off clothing, one off clothing pieces, luxury clothing, womens clothing, unique handmade cards and jewellery, bespoke home furnishings, bespoke women's clothing, silk garments/ scarves, bespoke alteration on clothing and also handmade garments, we are passionate and avid promoters of originality. Based in Woking, Surrey, we are readily on hand for all of your fashion, jewellery and home furnishing needs. If you have any questions or queries get in touch with our team today, we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.  


Calypso Sephora specialise in one off clothing, luxury clothes, unique handmade cards and jewellery, bespoke home furnishing and handmade garments. Our aim is to bring beautiful, elegant one off clothing pieces and luxury women's clothing to all of our customers and if there is something you would like that we don’t have, we also offer our handmade garments service. Calypso Sephora recognises beautiful goddesses in Greek, and that is what we strive to display in our clothing. As a professional tailoring shop/workshop we make alterations to many different styles of clothing, offering one off clothing pieces, keeping your style fresh and unique. Wedding dresses and home furnishings are also items we can alter or tailor to your required specifications. Our one off clothing pieces and handmade garments services can also be used to make prom dresses, film costumes, furnishings, luxury clothing for women, men and children. Calypso Sephora has a team of highly skilled seamstresses who can work flawlessly with fabrics such as; jeans, silk, fur and leather. Specialising with things such as silk garments/ scarves and also bespoke alterations on clothing. 


Free consultations are offered by Calypso Sephora, this gives you as the client, time to go through what it is you want tailoring and also a chance for the team here to assure you the product will be done to the highest standard. Through our one off clothing pieces service, we can personalise jeans and outfits of your choosing, any items such as this would be discussed in our free consultation. If the items you want tailoring are for a large quantity order, we only have small availability for this, so the quicker you book it with us the better. One off clothing, luxury clothing, bespoke home furnishings and handmade garments are the areas we specialise in and can provide the highest level of tailoring and alterations. We pride ourselves on crafting and creating handmade garments and because of this we encourage clients to bring their own patterns or designs to the consultation appointment, from this we can create one off clothing pieces, bespoke home furnishings, silk garments and bespoke alterations on clothing to help you obtain the perfect outfit. 

Not Just Clothes 

Alongside one off clothing pieces, luxury clothing and bespoke alterations on clothing we also create exquisite unique handmade cards and jewellery. These pieces are handmade and designed again to specific needs. Uniqueness is something we pride ourselves in here at Calypso Sephora, that's why our unique handmade cards and unique handmade jewellery are no different. Each with a different design pattern and style you are sure to find a one off piece. Alike to the bespoke alterations on clothing we offer, if you wished to bring some design ideas you had or even any jewels or fabrics you want including in the unique jewellery we can create bespoke designs. We also design and develop bespoke home furnishings and Bespoke Alterations on clothing through this we are also able to take in your own fabrics and designs, creating handmade garments through furnishings and clothing alike. Offering a wide range of products such as table cloths, bedspreads and cushions. 

Come And See Us Soon 

Here at Calypso Sephora we pride ourselves on obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction through all the finished products we produce. Priding ourselves on artisanal work and original design we are here to help with any of your one off clothing, one off clothing pieces and luxury women's clothing needs and all the way through too unique handmade cards/ jewellery, bespoke home furnishings  and silk garments/ scarves needs. If you wish to take a look on our website, there is information regarding the services we provide, price lists and also items for sale that you can look at if you are interested in purchasing an already made item. Devising a way to bring new designs, fabrics and ideas to life through one off clothing pieces and also into bespoke women’s clothing is something our team have been passionate about for a long time. Providing you with your own look and style. Alternatively, get in touch with us here at Calypso Sephora today to find out how we can help bring some new additions to your wardrobe or home furnishing collections, come and see us in our store based in woking. 

Calypso Sephora is open Monday-Friday 9am till 6pm, this is by appointment only, this is to ensure each customer recieves maximum time and attention. Futhermore, weekends here at Calypso Sephora will be diescrentionary and also appointments that have been pre-booked and agreed in advance. 

Calypso Sephora Reviews

Five Stars

Found a beautiful unique one off ladies blazer when a friend informed me to contact Rodica at Calyso Sephora, couldnt be happier with the blazer and the service provided by Rodica, first time i wore it 3 of my friends commented on how beautiful it was and how well it fit, cant wait to see what other pieces Rodica designs as i will certainly be back to purchase more.

Five stars