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Berkshire Reptile Encounters are number one choice in Maidenhead for people looking for childrens snake parties, childrens reptile parties or reptile birthday parties. For many years now we have been offering a reptile rescue, snake rescue and reptile rehoming service, where we have taken in and looked after neglected, desperate or injured animals. Once nursed back to full health, the idea came about to share such wonderful, magnificent creatures with children who might not have seen them in the flesh before. Instantly, our childrens parties became a real hit, and today we have had the pleasure of attending dozens of childrens parties in Maidenhead, accompanied by our scaly little friends.

Snake birthday parties and reptile birthday parties offer something totally different to the conventional childrens birthday parties you might see every month of the year. Cake, presents and music are all wonderful. Kids love them, and even adults can't say no to a slice of cake, or two. But imagine your childrens faces when they get to experience real life reptiles and snakes. No, it's not as scary as you might think. All snakes and reptiles are completely tame and are treated with care, respect and love, and they can feel love when children stroke and hold them at their parties.

Exotic animal parties, such as snake birthday parties or childrens reptile parties, have become a hugely popular in recent times. Berkshire Reptile Encounters operate throughout Maidenhead and Berkshire, and we also regularly carry our reptile visits, where we are lucky enough to go into schools and colleges and show pupils and students the snakes and reptiles we care for. With our reptile rehoming and snake rehoming service, we give a second chance to animals which might not have been cared for properly. We love it when our snake rescue or reptile rescue services come into action, as we are totally in love with snakes, reptiles, and everything to do with them...

Another service which we have recently added is 'cockroach racing', a sport that first came about in 1982 at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Cockroach racing will take place on custom made tracks where children can pick a cockroach and cheer for their favourite. Like all other activities held at our childrens parties, no one is forced into participating if they don't feel totally comfortable. If adults say no, they might receive a little bit of stick however!

If you are looking for childrens snake parties in Maidenhead or reptile birthday parties in Maidenhead, make sure you get in touch with Berkshire Reptile Encounters today. We can discuss your options with you and talk to you about how the process works. Alternatively, feel free to pop over to our website to find out more about who we are and what we do! 

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