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About Spydro UK

Here at Spydro UK, we provide a high-quality submersible camera for fishing from our location in WeymouthDorset. We are deeply passionate about fishing and have years of experience spread among the many different disciplines of the sport. We have created the Spydro fishing camera to make fishing more enjoyable as well as more effective. Many other fish spy cameras in the market were unintuitive and difficult to use which made the experience frustrating which is what we aimed to avoid in our design. If you need a high-definition fish camera for fish spy footage, our fishing camera is the perfect tool! We also offer a fishing camera mount that can be affixed to your fishing boat as well as a companion app to show your fish spy footage and automatically generate a fishing diary.

What Does Our Camera Do?

Our underwater fishing camera can be used up to 450ft (150m) deep and can support up to 430lbs (200kg) of weight, making the spydro fishing camera perfect for any fishing adventure. Our fish spy camera price is the best on the market for a piece of equipment with so many excellent features. Our underwater fishing camera uses an in-built SD card and magnetic charging technology with gold plated pins, this allows for the fishing camera to delve deep into saltwater without the worry of water ingress or degradation from the salt.

The Spydro fishing camera from Spydro UK can record for 3.5 hours at various quality settings. At 720p HD we can record at 60 frames per second giving incredibly smooth footage, however, we also have the option to sacrifice some of the smoothness to record at full HD 1080p at 30fps. Our fishing camera also has various smart features such as sensors to record the water temperature, salinity and speed which will be uploaded to your fishing diary and hands-free operation, in which most of the camera's core features are performed automatically. With night vision camera modes and a squid calling light, our submersible camera is perfectly suited for deep water fishing.

Benefits Of Fishing Cameras

By using a submersible camera for fishing, you can gain more information than otherwise possible, such as species, size and quantity of the fish below. This information can help to choose the best bait and lures for the fish in the area, it could even let you know to choose another spot if the fish are sparce. For a long time, people used sonar sensors to detect fish and this does work, however, you do not get the same level of information as with a camera, not to mention some of the incredible fish spy footage you can share with friends by using the Spydro fishing camera our team have designed in Weymouth, Dorset.

During the winter months, the water is much clearer due to the reduced amount of vegetation in the water. When coupled with the ability to see below layers of ice, underwater fishing cameras become the ultimate ice fishing tool. Setting up on the ice and drilling holes is hard work, so by using a fishing camera you can get an idea of the fish activity in that particular spot before setting everything up, allowing you to move to another area if the conditions aren't right for you. By seeing the fish reacting to your lures you can quickly identify which techniques will get the best response and improve your performance.

Contact Us Today

Our team at Spydro UK have created the best fishing camera on the market at an incredible fish spy camera price. We have created a submersible fishing camera that is more durable, easier to use and more technologically advanced than any other. We are confident that our fish spy camera and fishing camera mount together will help you to capture the best fish spy footage possible and will improve your fishing performance tremendously. If you need a smart, underwater fishing camera then the Spydro fishing camera should be your number one choice. Our team in Weymouth, Dorset would love to help you with any fishing camera needs so please get in touch today on our website or by phone to find out more!

Spydro UK Reviews

Great Quality Gear
by Angela Taft

The Spydro fishing camera has been great for lake fishing. I have been able to see much more than I would otherwise have been able to.

by James Anderson

Great camera. Easy to use in the cold with gloves on. Would recommend.

by Peter Killburn

Ive used this on multiple fishing trips now and its never let me down! Having the extra information makes fishing much more enjoyable.