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About Safetywise Consultancy LTD

Here at Safetywise Consultancy Ltd, we are a health and safety consultancy, that offers consultancy services such as e-learning health and safety, e-learning health and social care, e-learning business studies, CDM advisors, principal designer role under CDM, self builder health and safety under CDM, portable appliance testing, fire risk assessments, and construction site safety audits throughout Badminton and surrounding areas of South Gloucestershire. If you want further information on our services as CDM Advisors, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We would love to assist you in any way we can. At Safetywise Consultancy Ltd, we are passionate about helping you find the consultancy service most suited to your requirements.

We Are Experienced In Health And Safety Consultancy

Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offers specialised health and safety consultancy services tailored to the unique needs of each client, eliminating the need for annual fees or retainer payments. Our flexible pricing model ensures that clients are only charged for the actual time spent on consulting services, including updates on relevant changes in health and safety legislation and other pertinent issues. Safetywise Consultancy Ltd excels in creating health and safety documentation, such as safety policies, rsk assessments, and method statements, all customised to meet the specific requirements of the client's business operations. For construction projects, Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offers specialised construction phase plans, essential for meeting the demands of construction site safety.

In partnership with CCS Organisation Limited, a seasoned provider of health and safety services within the UK and Europe, Safetywise Consultancy Ltd has extensive industry experience in enhancing workplace safety standards across borders. Our collaboration enhances the consultancy's ability to implement effective health and safety measures robustly. Safetywise Consultancy Ltd conducts detailed health and safety audits to establish clear management processes that identify responsibilities and assess risks, aiming to mitigate and manage these effectively. Safetywise Consultancy Ltd includes incident investigation services that scrutinise accidents and near misses, crucial for fostering a preventive safety culture and ensuring continuous compliance with evolving health and safety regulations.

Our E-Learning Courses

Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offers extensive e-learning courses that cater to various educational needs. These courses focus on health and safety, health and social care, and business skills. Each of our courses are designed to provide training through a flexible, online format that allows participants to proceed at their own pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of the material.

Health and Safety: The e-learning courses in health and safety include topics like fire safety, fire risk assessments, and asbestos awareness. Our Courses are suitable for individuals seeking to enhance their safety protocols at work. Our courses at Safetywise Consultancy Ltd are accredited by reputable organisations and provide a robust foundation for maintaining workplace safety standards.

Health and Social Care: Our health and social care courses on autism awareness, dementia awareness, and safeguarding adults, among other topics, are tailored for professionals working in care settings. Our courses aim to increase proficiency in managing specific health conditions and ensure compassionate and compliant care delivery.

Business Skills: At Safetywise Consultancy Ltd, we cover a range of essential business competencies, and courses such as project management, cyber security, and leadership skills are available. Our courses are ideal for professionals looking to advance their skills in managing modern workplace challenges effectively, promoting a healthier and more productive organisational culture.

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If you are based in Badminton and the surrounding areas of South Gloucestershire, and you would like to know more information about the consultancy services that we offer like e-learning health and safety, e-learning health and social care, e-learning business studies, CDM advisors, principal designer role under CDM, self builder health and safety under CDM, portable appliance testing, fire risk assessments, and construction site safety audits, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss what type of consultancy service you may be looking for. We are here to deal with any enquiries and answer any questions you may have regarding the consultancy services we provide in Badminton. Alternatively, you can visit our website for a complete overview of our consultancy services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a health and safety audit from Safetywise Consultancy Ltd include?

A health and safety audit by Safetywise Consultancy Ltd includes establishing management processes to identify risks, control residual risks, and ensure the reporting of accidents and near misses. It also involves reviewing safety risk assessments and workplace practices.

Does Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offer any services related to accident or incident investigations?

Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offers an accident/incident investigation service, including investigations of near-miss situations to improve workplace safety and compliance.

Does Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offer packages for site safety evaluations?

Safetywise Consultancy Ltd offers three different packages for site safety evaluations, which can save money. They also provide ad-hoc visits and can assist in selecting the most suitable package for your project or organisation at a discounted price.

Safetywise Consultancy LTD Reviews

Outstanding Health And Safety Consultancy
by Jason

Great service highly recommend Nicholas. Faultless with sorting all my business health and safety

Detailed Fire Risk Assessments
by James

Around good working practice, always turns up in time and does a detailed report, we have been working togther for a while and will continue to ask for his services on all our projects.

Excellent CDM Advisors
by Thomas

Nick was great and very helpful in assisting with CDM duties for self build project.