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About Clear Skin Clinic

Clear Skin Clinic in Bradford offer a range of beauty services and treatments such as permanent hair removal, fat freeze, CRYOLIPOLYSIS, laser hair removal, face lift, facials, nails, teeth whitening, 3d lipo and waxing; no name a few. For a professional and well known beauty treatment service in the Bradford area, book an appointment with Clear Skin Clinic.

Sick of those annoying hairs growing back time and time again after shaving, here at Clear Skin Clinic in Bradford we offer both permanent hair removal and laser hair removal. Permanent hair removal and laser hair removal are a revolutionary service to stop those hairs coming back, they are clinically proven to reduce hair growth. Permanent hair removal or laser removal are both relatively pain free procedures and you’ll be in safe hands with the procedures being carried out by a trained and experienced professional. For laser hair removal and permanent hair removal in the Bradford area, get in touch with Clear Skin Clinic.

Here at Bradford based Clear Skin Clinic we offer the revolutionary service of cryolipolysiswhich is the reduction of fat through fat freeze. The fat freeze (CRYOLIPOLYSIS) process is relatively straight forward and with very little pain, usually just a tingling sensation. For a leading fat reduction service get in touch with Clear Skin Clinic to book in your cryolipolysistreatment today.

We also offer a face lift and facials which can help to rejuvenate your face and give you a more fresh and younger look. When you choose to undergo a face lift or facials at our Bradford clinic then you’ll have peace of mind because off of our treatments are carried out by trained professionals. Waxing is the classic hair removal service, if you are unable to undergo laser hair removal then the next best option is waxing. Offering a longer regrowth time than shaving, waxing leaves you with smooth and hairless skin.

As well as all of our other great treatments we also offer 3D lipo, nails treatment and teeth whitening. Clear Skin Clinic has invested in the best technology for body and skin care. The new revolutionary 3d lipo technology is now being offered in the Bradford clinic. The treatment and care plan is managed by our level 4 qualified therapist so you know you are receiving the best treatment that will suit you, in very save hands.

To book an appointment with Clear Skin Clinic at our Bradford based centre simply give us a call to book in an appointment. We offer a range of services such as permanent hair removal, fat freeze treatment, laser hair removal, CRYOLIPOLYSIS, face lift, facials, nails treatment, 3D lipo, waxing and teeth whitening.

Clear Skin Clinic Reviews

5 Stars

Lovely facial!

Lovely facial. Properly done

well pleased!

well pleased with my hifu treatment. So happy that i went to clearskin the staff are so freindly and helpfull and the and the adice given for my skin needs was correct. will be goin back for lipofreeze.

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