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About Optimum Asbestos Solutions

Here at Optimum Asbestos Solutions, we are an asbestos consultancy based in Corby and Northamptonshire. We are recognised nationally for our expertise and high-profile work, particularly in sensitive and challenging environments. Optimum Asbestos Solutions in Corby specialises in a range of asbestos-related services, including asbestos surveys, asbestos management surveys, asbestos sampling, asbestos testing, asbestos management plans, independent asbestos advice, asbestos regulations, and asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys. Our range of services underscores their capability to handle all aspects of asbestos-related issues, from initial sampling and analysis to full-scale project management and removal operations.

We Are Experienced In Asbestos Surveys

At Optimum Asbestos Solutions, we prioritise your safety with thorough asbestos surveys designed to meet your specific needs. Typically, asbestos surveys are conducted within 3-4 days of inquiry. However, we understand that some situations require immediate attention, so we offer an urgent service that includes fast-tracked report issuance. This urgent service is priced according to specific requirements to ensure flexibility and efficiency. At Optimum Asbestos Solutions, we provide an out-of-hours service for unique circumstances, allowing us to adapt to your schedule and minimise any disruption to your operations. At Optimum Asbestos Solutions, we adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring our clients receive reliable and trustworthy service.

Our commitment to quality and care means that you can rely on Optimum Asbestos Solutions for accurate and unbiased asbestos reports and advice. We guarantee that all information provided is 100% accurate and completely independent, giving you confidence in the decisions you need to make regarding asbestos management surveys. It is important to note that removing asbestos is always considered a last resort and will only be recommended if absolutely necessary. Our approach not only safeguards your health but also helps you manage costs effectively. Our aim is to provide the best possible advice and service to ensure your environment is safe. When you choose Optimum Asbestos Solutions, you are choosing an asbestos consultancy dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction in all aspects of asbestos surveys and management.

Why Choose Us For Asbestos Advice

With over 20 years of experience in the asbestos industry, our highly experienced and driven team at Optimum Asbestos Solutions delivers unmatched service quality. We understand the importance of cost in the current economic climate, so we offer our top-quality services at the lowest possible prices, ensuring the job is done right the first time, every time. Our surveyors are professionally certified with P402 qualifications and strictly adhere to HSE guidelines via HSG264, working towards BS ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standards. We provide a dedicated one-to-one service, ensuring communication from the asbestos survey to the report issuance, with recommendations made independently based on asbestos survey findings.

Contact Optimum Asbestos Solutions In Corby Today

If you are based in Corby and the surrounding areas of Northamptonshire, and you would like to know more information about the asbestos services that we offer like asbestos surveys, asbestos management surveys, asbestos sampling, asbestos testing, asbestos management plans, independent asbestos advice, asbestos regulations, and asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me today to discuss what type of asbestos service you may be looking for. We are always here to deal with any enquiries and answer any questions you may have regarding the asbestos services we provide in Corby. Alternatively, you can visit our website for a complete overview of our asbestos-related services throughout Northamptonshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to have an Asbestos Survey?

In many jurisdictions, managing the risk of asbestos is legally required for non-domestic properties. Asbestos surveys are essential to ensure that no one is harmed by the continued presence of asbestos-containing materials on the premises or equipment.

Where might asbestos be found?

Asbestos can be found in various places, including cement-based products around tiles and roofing, insulation in walls and ceilings, around heating systems and boilers, textured coatings on walls and ceilings, and older vinyl floor tiles and adhesives.

What types of asbestos do you check for during asbestos surveys?

The types of asbestos include Amosite, also known as brown asbestos, which was banned in the UK in 1986; Chrysotile, known as white asbestos, which was made illegal in the UK in 1999; and Crocidolite, referred to as blue asbestos, which was banned by the Asbestos (Prohibitions) Regulations in 1985.

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