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About Reform Architecture

Here at Reform Architecture, established in 2001, we offer a range of architect and small project architect services, such as architectural design, bespoke architecture, planning consultancy, building conservation, energy conservation, planning permission, feasibility studies, and project management in Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire. Our team has a methodical and careful approach to the appraisal of buildings and project plans to maximise the enhancements we can make for a specific building or project. If you would like to know more about us and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today. 

The Benefits of Building Conservation

Building conservation is the practice of managing and maintaining an asset to heritage that sustains the historical value while enhancing appropriate details depending on their significance. There are many reasons building conservation services are becoming more and more popular, such as the need to hold on to the historical and cultural value these buildings have to offer. Some of the benefits of building conservation include: 

-Cultural Benefits: Building conservation can restore a buildings cultural significance and keep communities together through this shared cultural heritage. Where historic preservation has been ignored in the past, communities have lost connections to their history and heritage. Having a historic building within a community conserved can add a sense of pride and belonging to a community. 

-Economic Gain: Making sure that the cultural and historical heritage of a community is kept intact isn’t a waste of money, in fact building conservation has the potential of drawing tourism into the area, especially if the building has a lot of historical significance. Additionally, the need for building conservation creates jobs, such as hiring an architect like the team at Reform Architecture, as well as needing other forms of skilled labour. 

-Educational Resource: Having a building that has significant historical and cultural heritage in a community opens the door for a variety of educational opportunities. Not only will tourists flock to a historical site kept alive by building conservation, but it also provides opportunities for the local community to benefit from the educational resource on their doorstep, including school trips or guided tours. 

-Environmentally Friendly: Building conservation benefits the environment in comparison to a new build, as far less materials are required to conserve a building. There is usually no need for demolition and there is less waste produced from building conservation compared to a new build. 

There are different methods of building conservation that are used for different purposes. Rehabilitation involves adding to or altering a property to keep up with current use while still respecting its historical value. Preservation means maintaining the current building without making unnecessary adjustments to it, keeping any historical elements in place. Restoration involves restoring the building to how it once was at a specific moment in history, usually requiring specific building materials to ensure historical accuracy. Finally, reconstruction means recreating missing pieces that have been lost and using them to conserve the original build. 

Why Choose Us?

The team here at Reform Architecture provide architect and small project architect services, such as architectural designbespoke architectureplanning consultancybuilding conservationenergy conservationplanning permissionfeasibility studies, and project management in Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire. Our team is highly skilled and experienced and there are many reasons our clients choose to trust us for their architecture needs. 

Our team was established by Philip Tann BA (Hons) Dip Arch RIBA in 2001, and he is registered with the Architects Registration Board and the Royal Institute of British Architects, where both organisations have strict codes of conducts and high professional standards that our team meets with every project.   

Contact Our Princes Risborough-based Team Today

If you would like to know more about us at Reform Architecture and the architect and small project architect services we provide, such as architectural designbespoke architectureplanning consultancybuilding conservationenergy conservationplanning permissionfeasibility studies, and project management in Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire, please feel free to give our team a call today. Alternatively, visit our website for more information on the services we offer.

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