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3 Elephants Antiques Arcade

Tel: 07947271947

Unit 42 Retail Multiples, 71-75 Park St
West Midlands


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About 3 Elephants Antiques Arcade

Based in Walsall, West Midlands; 3 Elephants Antique Arcade are a team of 3 antique dealers who have over 30 years experience in the antiques trade between them. Having acquired the knowledge of antiques by being sellers themselves at small scale fairs, they decided to bring antiques fairs into the limelight and make them more accessible by making them cheaper and easier to access. If you have any antiques you think could be worth a penny or two, get in touch with one of their team today. Specialising in antiques, antique pottery, antique cabinets, jewellery, affordable antiques, affordable collectables, quality antiques and also quality collectables, the team will be on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding any antiques you have, or even if they have an event or auction coming up that you would like more information about. They will be happy to talk to you. 

Antique Dealers

Based in Walsall just off the junction 10 of the M6, the team have created an antique dealers haven, offering cheaper tables at fairs and sales than other competitors, because of this, 3 Elephants Antique Arcade has managed to expand into Cheshire and staffordshire as well. You can join the team at one of their regular event venues; Penkridge Market, Aldridge Community Centre and Sandback Market. Working with a group of reputable antique dealers, the team can help you find anything you need from a charming way to decorate your home or office. Antique cabinets are always a sure way to bring some charm or quirk to your home. One of the things they specialise in is quality antiques and quality collectables so you can rest assured knowing you will receive the highest quality products at the most affordable price. 

Why Choose Us 

The team at 3 Elephant Antique Arcade based in Walsall, West Midlands should be your first port of call for anything you need regarding antiques. Quality antiques and quality collectables are incredibly important to the team, they are passionate about helping you find the perfect piece. Whether it be antique pottery or antique cabinets or you are even looking to find that perfect piece of jewellery. 3 Elephant Antique Arcade have worked over the years to develop their knowledge and understanding of the antiques business. As a trio, the team work to bring fair antique fairs, with low entry costs and it is also crucial to them that they bring only reputable antique dealers. Using their years of experience to run the antique fairs gives the team a real insight into what antique dealers need to run a smooth fair, and also want to sell high quality antiques and high quality collectables. Having a space that offers antique fairs that are reputable and only provide quality antiques is something the team have strived for and have managed to achieve, across 3 locations. 3 Elephants Antique Arcade also has an online store where you can browse through their stock at your own leisure. They have a wide range of antiques to cater for many different clients, including militaria, fine jewellery, crystals and toy/ models for those young at heart. The online store is a small insight into the wonderful world of antiques and you might find yourself planning to go and visit 3 Elephants Antique Arcade at one of their antique fairs. 

Get In Touch with Them Today 

The team at 3 Elephants Antique Arcade have grown from strength to strength over the years, so if you need any help, advice or guidance on antiques within Walsall, West Midlands. You will find the antique fairs that run their fairs in Penkridge Market, Aldridge Community Centre and Sandbach Market, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. So for any of your antique fair needs, let the team at 3 Elephants Antique Arcade help you, they are passionate and driven as helping pass their knowledge on to people who wish to learn the trade. Offering antiques such as, antique pottery, antique cabinets, jewellery and also priding themselves at affordable antiques, affordable collectables and most of quality antiques and quality collectables, they should be without doubt your only port of call for any inquiries of questions you have surrounding the antique fairs they offer. Take the time to contact the team and you won’t be disappointed, with over 30 years of knowledge, they will be able to help you along the way. 3 Elephants Antique Arcade also have an online shop, you are able to browse through their incredible collection of antiques such as; WW2 coins, jewellery and collectables.

3 Elephants Antiques Arcade Reviews

5 stars

Large selection of Antiques and Collectibles displayed in brightly lit cabinets. Prices were across the board, ranging from a few ££ to a few 100££. Also a large selection of vinyl records at very competitive prices, plus militaria, uniforms and medals.
Just what the town needs, a shop of interesting items that are worth looking at.

Five Stars

great place to get bargain antiques and collectables, staff friendly and knowledgeable, prices are good will go again

Five Stars

Small but has everything for the collector even badges. Good selection beautiful display i. Locked cabinets all very well lit prices were reasonable we got a good deal on our purchases.