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About Joanna Graff Aesthetics

Here at Joanna Graff Aesthetics, we have a passion for delivering outstanding Aesthetics and cosmetic treatments. We are located in the heart of Shrewsbury and have been an independently owned Aesthetics and Skin Clinic that put our customers first. The fantastic Joanna Graff and Dr Lukasz Kowalik make up our fantastic team. Our fantastic clinic has been open since 2020 and is decorated to create a fresh and bright atmosphere.

Aesthetic treatments are more simplified and accessible than ever. Whether you want fuller lips or want to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of ageing, everything is just a couple of sittings away. Contact Joanna Graff Aesthetics to book an initial consultation for discussing your beauty goals, and we’ll help you get into the right treatment and procedures for your skin type. We have advanced technology at our disposal that enables us to achieve effective, desirable and long-lasting results for our clients. The best part is, there is minimal downtime, unlike invasive surgeries, so that you can start to flaunt your beautiful skin right away.

So if you are searching for Botox. Lip Fillers, Russian Lips, Wrinkles Removal, Acne Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Scar Removal, Fillers, Aesthetics, or Skin Clinic in Shrewsbury, West Midlands we are the team you need. 


We offer a range of services or Lip Fillers or Scar Removal to Wrinkles Removal or Microdermabrasion and everything in between. We also offer a free skin consultation to all new customers to ensure that we offer you the best service for you and your skin. If you are interested in starting your journey to beautiful skin, contact us today. 


The use of Botox for wrinkle removal dates back decades and offers fanatics results.

First results are observed few days (usually 4-5) after the procedure wrinkles may be softened, reduced or even removed. From my experience, after few treatments, any wrinkle disappears. But! Not straight away. Usually, the first symptoms of frozen muscles are visible 4-5 days after the procedure and for the full result, you must wait two weeks. Botox will generally last 4 - 5 months before soft lines can begin to appear.

Russian Lips

Russian Lips technique is the newest and most unique lip enhancement treatment available on the market, first developed by Prof. Garunova in Russia. This method very quickly stole the hearts of women and became a very popular and most wanted lip enhancement method in aesthetic clinics across Europe. Spectacular results for women whose lips lost their volume with age, but it is recommended for ladies at any age. This method doesn’t force the size but improves the volume and shape in a very natural way.  

Acne Treatments

Mild and moderate acne can be successfully treated in Skin Clinic now. With severe acne, we sometimes would advise a prescription or over the counter medications available at the local pharmacy for daily skincare. But for the majority of my clients, the anti-acne regimen we provide in my clinic is sufficient to help with most issues. we have selected treatments that we find are the most effective acne treatment for my clients. So far we have achieved very good results and we are positive that we can help you too.

Miss Joanna Graff

Joanna is a pharmacist and cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience. In the Clinic, she implements bespoke solutions for skin problems and works to achieve satisfying, though natural-looking, aesthetic outcomes.  Joanna offers a wide range of Aesthetics and Advanced Skin Care treatments, such as wrinkle removals, Botox, skin Fillers, lips enhancement, thread skin lift and anti-ageing treatments. Joanna is both GPhC and JCCP registered as recommended by the NHS for these procedures. 

Dr Lukasz Kowalik

Dr Lukasz Kowalik with his degrees in medicine and economics works alongside Joanna, mainly performing the Botox consultations and providing medical support, leaving the more technical procedures in Joanna's hands. Lukasz also takes care of the ‘behind the scenes work including making business decisions, advertising, designing and updating the clinic website. In addition to the clinic, Lukasz also works full time as an A&E doctor in Shrewsbury, Telford, Stoke-on-Trent, and Stafford. 

So if you are searching for Botox, Lip Fillers, Russian Lips, Wrinkles Removal, Acne Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Scar Removal, Fillers, Aesthetics, or Skin Clinic in Shrewsbury, West Midlands we are the team you need.

Contact our fantastic team today and we can arrange your free consultation to determine the best options for you.


Joanna Graff Aesthetics Reviews

by Terri O

Fantastic service and extremely knowledgeable.

by Agnieszka Rawicka

I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna to everybody! Whenever I visit I am made to feel most welcome and it is a pleasure to attend her exceptional treatments. I have had three treatment of fillers and am so very pleased with the results. I also had mesotherapy - needle very recently and the result is amazing 🤩 Joanna is so knowledgeable and professional. I can always call for advice. My skin is looking so much better and I will be definitely returning for further treatments. All my friends have been very impressed with my results and say they will be contacting Joanna👍

by Bubu B

I am really pleased with my experience. I was very nervous but Joanna made me feel at ease, took great care of me. The consultation was great and I felt relaxed and informed. We mapped out the options and Joanna answered all of my questions. The treatments were amazing I saw instant results. I would highly recommend.