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About At Home Holistic Therapies

Are you looking for a local acupuncture clinic you can trust in Walsall and Staffordshire? By choosing At Home Holistic Therapies, you can receive a wide variety of holistic treatments provided by a team with many years of experience, meaning you are in safe and capable hands. Over the years we have helped countless people across Walsall and Staffordshire with a wide variety of services, including acupuncture, Gue Sha massage and cupping therapy. If you aren't sure which service is best suited for your needs, our team are able to discuss your individual situation and suggest the best treatment for you. The acupuncturists at our local acupuncture clinic can help with various ailments, from tiredness to hormonal imbalance, just speak to our team for more information.  

Choose the best local acupuncture clinic in all of Walsall and Staffordshire and visit At Home Holistic Therapies today. We provide our services as one of treatments or as a part of a longer plan, whichever works best for you. Our local acupuncturists would love to help you with massage, cupping therapy, Gue Sha massage, Tui Na massage, holistic treatments, physio acupuncture and bespoke acupuncture, just speak with our team or visit our website to book your appointment!  

Why Choose At Home Holistic Therapies? 

Unlike many other local acupuncturists in the Walsall and Staffordshire area, we have been providing our range of services for over 10 years, so you know that when you choose At Home Holistic Therapies, you are getting service from experienced professionals and not amateurs. With our bespoke accupuncture treatment, you get a service tailored to your specific body, as everyone is different, ensuring top quality results every time. One benefit of choosing At Home Holistic Therapies is the wide range of treatments we offer; this ensures we can help you no matter your situation. With cupping therapy, Gue Sha massage, Tui Na Massage and acupuncture, we are confident that we can help you better than any other local acupuncture clinic.  Come and see what we can do for yourself! 

Our Services 

At Home Holistic Therapies is the best place around for all forms of physical therapy and the services provided by our experts will leave you feeling like a new person. Some of our most popular holistic treatment services include:  

Gue Sha MassageGue Sha Massage involves using a smooth-edged tool to stroke/scrape your skin lightly in order to stimulate microcirculation. This helps to lift your skins appearance and improve blood flow. When carried out by a professional, Gue Sha massage can have a huge effect and there is no team better than At Home Holistic Therapy all throughout Walsall and Staffordshire.  

Tui Na Massage – When you need Tui Na Massage, our team should be your number one choice. Tui Na Massage is similar to acupuncture as it targets specific pressure points however it uses fingers as opposed to needles. We often use Tui Na massage in combination with acupuncture to achieve the greatest result.  

Cupping Therapy Cupping therapy can be carried out anywhere on your face or body and stimulates blood circulation in order to relive muscle tension and promote repair and regeneration. By choosing At Home Holistic Therapies for your cupping therapy in Walsall and Staffordshire, you are placing your holistic therapy needs in the hands of experts. 

Get In Touch Today!

Contact our team today when you need a local acupuncture clinic in Walsall and Staffordshire, as expert acupuncturists and massage providers, we can provide you with a wide range of services which will leave you feeling rejuvenated. We can provide you with massage, cupping therapy, Gue Sha massage, Tui Na massage, holistic treatments, physio acupuncture and bespoke acupuncture, just check out our website or speak with a member of our friendly team if you need more information. We would love to hear from you and we always have somebody on hand to help!  

At Home Holistic Therapies Reviews

by marinela Popa

Thank you for everything! Acupuncture and massage sessions were really useful to us!If it weren't for you, I would still be crying at the doctors' door for someone to help my husband! I'm glad there are people who still care about others!

by Andra Volosniuc

Aze was amazing with me and the treatment and massage was absolutely heavenly I felt relaxed and safe! She is a true professional and I highly recommend this therapy! I will definitely keep going! I am glad to meet such an lovely incredible person!

by Handstand Beginner

Great treatment with a professional therapists. Polite and efficient. My care plan was personalised and I was given after care support when needed. The acupuncture treatment made my pain go away within few sessions and I am grateful. The new therapist Hugo is very meticulous. I look forward to my treatments weekly.