Tips to Boost Online Sales This Christmas

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Not everybody does their Christmas shopping months in advance, with it being many peoples last pay day before Christmas, there’s still time to drive those online sales up; while also helping them to grab the perfect gift for their loved one. The team at Bizify have complied a few top tips to help boost your online sales.

Tips for Boosting Online Sales

Get Festive on Your Website

Just like you’d decorate your office or shop, why not decorate your website and social media profiles. That doesn’t mean you need to cover your whole site with glitter and cheesy animations, simply work Christmas into your site, it’s about integrating subtle Christmas references that match your branding or your logo or background. This helps to make your website seem Christmassy without it being over the top.

Christmas Gift

Spread the Christmas Cheer on Social Media

Use the social media platforms, that you use for your business, to your advantage and spread the festive cheer to your followers. Post engaging content that will make people want to buy from you because they like what your business is doing, not just what you’re offering; it’s about finding the fine line between the hard sell and the cheesy posts. Also holiday promotions like competitions and free giveaways are a great way to increase interest in your business and brand awareness.

E-Cards and Email Marketing

It’s Christmas, so make sure you show your customers you care. Just like a friend or family why not send them a Christmas card; that doesn’t mean send out thousands of cards, simply send an e-card wishing your customers a ‘Merry Christmas’ (even throw in a discount code or free delivery as a little gift). In addition to e-cards send out a newsletter, let your customers know what you’re getting up to, or have available this Christmas, such as new products or charities you might be supporting.

Use Other Online Sales Platforms

If you’re selling products then it’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the opportunities at your disposal. Look at selling opportunities like Amazon, Ebay or Google Shopping and weight up the selling opportunities they offer and the costs that might be involved to ensure that they will benefit your business and help to boost sales.

Give Back

Show your loyal customers you care, if people have been shopping with you all year around then give them a little present at Christmas; this could be a discount code, free gift or free delivery. It’s not only about giving back to customers, if your business is having a good year, then show your support for a local charity and give something back. This year Bizify is supporting TFM’s Cash for Kids, Mission Christmas campaign.

Make It Easy and Mobile Friendly

If you’re looking to boost online sales, make sure your website is easy to use and navigate; this allows for a more user friendly experience and will help to increase the amount of time users will spend on your website. With mobile e-commerce sales growing year on year, it’s time to think mobile first. Ensure your website can be accessed across multiple mobile devices with ease and the most important thing to remember is make it easy for people to buy. (There’s nothing worse than filling your basket and a site reloading and discovering your basket is empty)

’Tis The Season to Be Jolly

The saying should be at the heart of every business at Christmas. It might seem like a silly thing to say, but by being jolly and friendly to your customers, you will ensure great customer service over what can be a stressful time of year. Whether it be over the phone, online or through social media, staying upbeat and providing customer service with a smile, can go a long way with customers.

Bizify Is Supporting Cash for Kids, Mission Christmas

This year Bizify will be partnering with partner company Espresso Web, to support TFM’s Cash for Kids, Mission Christmas campaign. This is the largest annual Christmas toy appeal in the UK, with 1 in 3 families living in poverty this December, for many families Christmas is a struggle to afford. By collecting toys and gifts, every child will be able to wake up with new toys this Christmas. Bizify are already accepting donations and have started an in-house collection.

Cash 4 Kids

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