Potential SEO Trends Of 2023

Friday, 18th November 2022

As we already know, SEO (search engine optimisation) is always changing and we never quite know where it is headed next. However, we can use our experience and knowledge to build a rough idea as to where SEO is going next. It is important to be ahead of the trend so that you can keep your business on top when compared to the competition. Take a look at this helpful blog to learn what your business can do to prepare for 2023.

Video Marketing

With online platforms such as Tiktok becoming major players in the marketing industry, it has become clear that online users want to see videos regularly. Search engine algorithms already take text and picture into consideration when ranking a page, and videos are likely to join this as a key factor in SEO. Having a video on your website will also help to keep people on your website for longer as they watch, and clicking on the video will help with user interaction.

Is Voice Search The Future?

With the rapid growth of smart home accessories such as Alexa devices and google home speakers, many people are searching for products and information using their voice. Many people are also using the microphones and earpieces such as airpods to search for products and services online, so no matter where your customers are, they may be searching using their voice. 

Make sure that your website is using keywords and phrases written in the way that people speak rather than just the way in which we type so that you can traffic from people using voice search technologies. As we will mention in a moment, this will also help to make your website more accessible for those with physical disabilities, which is set to be a major factor in website ranking throughout 2023.

Optimising For Accessibility

Having a website that caters for those with disabilities is always good practice as it ensures that everybody has a chance to utilise the information on your website and it promotes equality for all. Search engines are likely to favour a website that is accessible to all which is why you should be making your website as accessible as possible. 

One way that you can do this is by enabling text to speech and by optimising images with accurate descriptions so that those with a visual impairment can understand what is being portrayed more clearly. 

Featured Snippets

Many consumers have a short attention span when it comes to text and with so many websites begging for their attention, they are most likely to go with the easiest option. This is where featured snippets come into play. When you search for a question and google suggests an answer that it has taken from a page, this is a featured snippet and this provides the user with the information they have been searching for, showing that you are a source of authority. 

By creating blogs and pages which are designed to answer a single question, you will be more likely to show a featured snippet for that particular phrase. In 2023, we expect to see this gain further importance as people continue to search for instant answers to their queries. 

Semantic Keywords

Search algorithms have been getting more and more complex over the last few years which has led to a point where google search can now understand and utilise the meaning and emotion behind text as opposed to using the words as individual pieces of information. You can make the most of this by targeting phrases and topics as opposed to singular keywords as search engines can provide you with relevant results based on the meaning of your query. 

Should You Be Using Local Search Strategies?

When it comes to traditional brick and mortar businesses, local search has always been an important part of the businesses strategy and we expect this to continue into 2023. Searches incorporating ‘near me’ and ‘local’ should always be expected and an optimised Google My Business profile will go a long way. Online business directory listings can help to build authority in a specific area if you incorporate relevant keywords and phrases too. If you are interested in using this for your business, speak with a reputable SEO agency so that you get the best results in the areas that matter to your company. 

Get In Touch Today And Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet 

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