Making the Most of Your Bizify Listing!

Monday, 5th September 2016

Whether you've made the decision to upgrade your Bizify listing or not, it's worth finding out the features and benefits of an enhanced listing. It's also worth noting that an enhanced, well built listing can get you to the first page of all major search engines and help you to gain more website visitors, providing you follow the steps below.

Bizify has taken the time to guide you through some of the important steps so you can make the most of your Bizify listing:

7 Steps to Creating an Effective Bizify Profile

Ensure your logo is the best quality possible

When uploading your business logo you can use an image you already have saved, providing it is of decent quality. If it is not the right size you can easily re-size it so it looks clear and doesn't look stretched, preferably a minimum of 250 px by 250 px and a square image if possible. High definition images are a must have. Bad quality images will likely be ignored by your potential clients, so bare this in mind when choosing and uploading your logo.

Quality Images

Choose your keywords based on research and how a client will likely search

When choosing keywords, you need to think about the words a potential customer would use to find your business. For example, the keywords for a fashion shop might include clothing, shoes or accessories as these are the things that will make them money and the terms their customers will be searching for. You can also use keywords that you feel are relevant to your business, such as services. Bizify lets you add up to ten important keywords that show up in your listing as key services.


Improve your content in view of your industry knowledge

It's important to know your business when writing content. After researching keywords you need to talk about these in your content, including the ten keywords naturally where possible. You should also include other important keywords, such as the location you are based in and make sure your content reflects the services/products in the location you wish to be found for.

About Business

Update your image gallery

Images are extremely important when marketing your business. Images of products, services or even of your team, are a great way to give your potential clients an insight into what your company is all about. You can add up to ten images to your Bizify profile, which can help you to stand out above your competition.


Do you have a video?

Bizify allows you to add one video from your YouTube channel to your listing. An interesting video about your business is a great way to keep your audience interested. Videos can also reduce the bounce rate on your listing as they help with engagement and your customers can quickly understand what your listing is about and what your business can do for them.


Integrate your social media and get it updated!

If you have Facebook, great! You can include your profile in your Bizify listing so clients can click through and see your timeline with ease. Your business Facebook profile can be used by clients who wish to find out more about your business, communicate and ask you questions through social media.

Social Media

Share your profile far and wide

Once everything is added and your Bizify listing is complete, you can share it across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can then ask customers to leave your business reviews to give your business more credibility.

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