July 2015 Business Of The Month

Wednesday, 1st July 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?
A1 Elite Courier Services are a small business from Bournemouth, Dorset that provide 24/7 Courier services across the UK. The Company has grown from strength to strength promoting their logo of ‘Always There, Taking Care’ My name is Barrie Leigh-Anderson, and I run the business from my base in Bournemouth. I have a small team of drivers who provide my customers with a warm, friendly service and quite simply can’t say no to any request, which at times has stretched the boundaries but provided the care and attention required.
Can you tell us more about how and when A1 Elite Courier Services was established and how this came about, and anything else about the company you wish to share ?
The business was created around five years ago and the main objective we had was to offer a service with a smile and care, so many Couriers walk in, walk out and no communication is made, i had witnessed this so many times in my previous employment and often had items damaged in transit, i wanted to offer something different and hopefully with the growth I have witnessed this is working.   
I began with a small Citroen van, but as my business grew I started handling bigger packages and realised I needed to add to the fleet. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace my vehicles are nearly new, this means no ridiculous overheads for new vehicles, and inflated charges to cover the costs. We have an excellent motorbike courier service, that has proved its worth in gold with medical and legal papers being able to be delivered in double quick time, especially in London where traffic congestion is a major issue.
What are the tasks Carry On Vending deal with on a daily basis?
Day to day, we deal with regular trips through Dorset, covering Poole, Dorset and Swanage, this ranges from flower deliveries, parcel deliveries and most recently a lost luggage service, with many people leaving or losing luggage at the UK airports, we will travel anywhere to pick these up and we have even collected passports to drop off at airports for clients too.
Do you have anything NEW you want to talk about? 
We recently began a dedicated courier service from Bournemouth to London, this has grown beyond expectations and we regularly have our motorcycle couriers and vans in the Capital at the same time. Again, our secure document service is gaining reputation, due to the effortless way we pick up and drop off in the allocated time. 

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