Ivory Graphics Business of the Week

Tuesday, 18th February 2014

Tell us about your business?

Here at Ivory Graphics we are manufactures of Custom Playing Cards. These are printed to the highest standard available in the UK. These are produced from 1 pack upwards. All plastic coated as real playing cards need this for extra durability and control. We produce many sizes of cards and you can have any amount of cards in a deck. Personalised tuck boxes can be made to keep your cards safe as well as cello wrapping.

All normal orders are dispatched in 6 working days.

How long has your business been established?

We have been established for 20 years. We are always releasing new products. One of the keys to our success is our creativity.

Tell us more about what you do on a daily basis?

When we are not producing products for clients. We are testing new products or developing our website so its easier for people to use.

Tell us a little more about what February holds for you?

There are lots of exhibitions so we are helping our clients to get their pack designed printed and delivered on time.

Tell us what's round the corner for Ivory Graphics?

We are also starting a program of Fostering Elephants and Rhinos! As we trade under the name of Ivory and this is what these animals are hunted for! We really feel we should be doing something to help! Currently we have fostered 4 Elephants BONGO, ZONGOLONI,LIMA LIMA,TARU, and 1 Rhino MAXWELL. We plan to foster many more so we can create our own Herd. The worrying statistic is an Elephant is killed every 15 minutes!!! Just for their Ivory.

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