Importance Of Citations To The Success Of Your Local Business

Tuesday, 2nd June 2015



Making your business name and address visible on other web pages is known as citations. This applies even when you have not provided a link to your website.

Google and Bing greatly depend on citations as a guide to its ranking algorithms. Thus a business with a higher number of citations will generally rank higher compared to that of a business with less citations, or one with citations that have different links or contact information on.

The mentioning of your business name on an already popular indexed portal greatly rises the degree of certainty the search engine will have. This is determined by the business’s contact information and categorization provided. In a separate blog post, Bizify take a look at 'Why It's Important To Categorise Your Business Properly In Local Search Engines'.

Search engines particularly depend on any information provided. Therefore citations play a really important role in the less-competitive niches such as electrical and plumbing businesses. The service providers in these businesses do not always have their own websites, and so rely on citations to build their online portfolio and reputation.

Citations correspondingly work at validating that a business is part of a community. For this reason citations and links can improve your local engine search radically and raise your rankings.

Citations are important for all businesses, and if you haven't already listed yourself on local search engines, such as Bizify, you should consider doing so.

The more information you can fill these out with the better, and the more accurately you do this, even better still. Be consistent across the board, as misspelled addresses or incorrect phone numbers could cost your dearly. Make sure you categorise your business correctly too, as this will help you in being found through local search engines.

If you have any questions relating to citations or the importance of having them, be sure to get in touch with one of the Bizify team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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