How to Run Your Business More Efficiently

Wednesday, 1st November 2017

It is not easy to run your own business especially if it’s your first time, or you’re a small business. You need to make decisions, manage your employees, purchase stock and manage funds among other things. When you get involved with all of these activities, you may end up being worn out, or running your business ineffectively!

In managing your business, you need to understand that the system you have, runs the business, the people you employ, run the business venture, lead the people to achieve and set goals to take the business forward. Not much then!

To help you achieve, set goals and run your business, we have compiled some of our most valued business tips to help you maximise your small businesses efficiency:

1. Systemize your small business

You need to have a system which runs your business, to run your business smoothly. The system should be a principle where you have timelines, codes of conduct, among other essential processes you need in a business. With a good system in place, the employees you hire will be able to deliver because they are working under certain principles. In addition, you will be able to make decisions based on the systems you’ve set in play and for the good of the business. You need to have a well laid out system to set boundaries, disciplines, and specialisms as well as a well-functioning team, working towards the same goals.

How to run business more efficiently

2. Get the right team

When hiring employees, always go for the qualified, experienced and skilled personnel over inexperienced employees. This might be costly but you will benefit a lot from hiring competent employees. It will be easy for your small business to grow and scale up, easy decision making besides getting suggestions and opinions from your qualified employees. To get the right team, you need to have a recruitment strategy and system where new team members are screened and vetted to be employed. Providing set training or hiring those that are already trained will go towards becoming more efficient.

3. Test and measure to know what works for your business

To run your business effectively, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. You will probably know this by making mistakes and through a lot of research. As a prudent businessman, you should learn from other people and your mistakes too. Avoid making similar mistakes over and over again because they may lead to heavy losses and stagnation in business development.

Therefore, spend time understanding your business, emerging issues, business environment among other factors which might affect your business to effectively use your resources. When you know what works in your business, capitalize on it and avoid wasting more resources experimenting or trying to make money from other avenues. For instance, if advertising using the internet is working better than radio or TV, you can redistribute your budgets to suit. You just need to know what gets you income to know how to capitalize on it. This may take some time, resources and efforts but once you settle down, you need to move with time.

4. Document your business activity

Documenting every activity in your business is important to keep track of progress, research how to progress and make decisions off the back of it. You need to have relevant documents on tax, incomes, expenditures among other miscellaneous expenses to analyze them yearly and help cut down expenses. It is not easy to make a decision or plan the way forward without documenting your business first.


As a business owner or manager, you need to focus on what offers you revenue with little expenses. You need to use the right business tools to run your business. These 4 tips should help you do just that and run your business effectively, taking your small business up to  medium or growing business.

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