How to Promote an Online Business Directory?

Monday, 18th January 2021

When it comes to business directories, there are a number of ways for owners to promote it and help gain traffic and make it successful. One fundamental part of this is that directories contain quality listings for consumers, visitors are likely to return if they see a website that meets their needs and requirements.

Business directory owners will need to effectively promote their directory to help them attract the traffic that they need to be successful. Directories should contain quality listings for shoppers. Traffic is easy to obtain when you know what people are looking for. All that is asked of you is that you provide customers with a solution to their requirements, there are a number of ways to gain more traffic. We take a look at a few ways how you can help your directory to be seen by millions of visitors.

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, it is a great way to advertise your business directory, you can send emails to friends, family, business associates, anyone you know really, just include the directories link. When people receive help that is quality, these people will tell others, word of mouth is one of the greatest free advertising tools.

Social Networking

Social networking is another great way to let people know about your business directory, there are a number of special networking websites around on the internet and online directory owners can type in the key social networking sites, this is a great way of obtaining links. They can choose sites where audiences will most likely visit. If the directory lists websites for business opportunities then the owner can find social networking sites that will meet this target market.

Keeping a directory ranking highly is the goal when it comes to getting maximum traffic, you should reserve your social profile names on major social media platforms as soon as possible, platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Making sure that your business is active on social media platforms will help to improve traffic from different special media sites.


Content marketing should be one of your most important goals in marketing, by including meaningful content, this can help users to find what they are looking for. In the beginning it can be difficult because you won’t have as many listings, so you will need to get creative and make your own content, here are some tips…

Start a blog on your site and start blogging about your industry and how your directory will serve it, you can offer tops and resources.
Share a story about successful firms that market their business online through social media and directories.
You can create video content which you can share on social media and link back to your site.

Article marketing is another great way to get the word out about your online director, owners can write and publish articles on how businesses and individuals can benefit from using their websites. You should write articles on subjects that promote your expertise and include a short bio about your company including your business name and website address. These articles can be published in an article directory, where many other owners will be able to add the article to their website. When website owners place the articles advertising the online business directory, it will provide them with more publicity without the costs.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns are a farm of marketing that can be expensive, however if you can afford it, they can be very useful and responsive when it comes to promoting your business directory.

  • Paid Google Ad-words and paid campaigns on Facebook
  • Paid banners on other websites
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Mailing letters and postcards
  • Posting flyers

Classified Ads

Classified ads are another way to promote your online business directory, classified ads can be used both online and offline, if you are posting online, directory owners should research quality websites and places to include their ads. Some classified websites may only produce people who are looking to advertise their own products and services. But if the directory owner is looking for businesses to advertise on the website, they should post classified ads on as many websites as possible.


As a local business, it's important that you rank in local and organic search, here are some ways to make sure that you are.

  • Add Schema markup
  • Optimise your Google My Business listing
  • Make sure that on-page factors are in check, this includes keywords, location, headings, alts, content, internal linking and URLs.
  • Make sure that your site is mobile friendly


Your mobile phone of course, nearly every human being on the planet has a mobile phone and they check it all the time. So it's important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and responsive, so you’re not missing any leads from mobile.

Creating Value Through Listings

Quality listings will be one of your most powerful forms of marketing, so think about who your website visitors will be and what they will look for, make sure that your listings offer valuable information and include reviews, links, your website link and social media link.

Online directories can benefit everyone and any business, they give companies the opportunity to list their business which can be seen by lots of people. Consumers will be able to find companies who are offering the products and services that they are looking for, by successful advertising, this will match customers needs with the companies that can help them.


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