How to Maintain High Traffic Over Winter

Thursday, 20th October 2016

High traffic over winter

With a lot of our clients finding business hard over Winter, especially close to Christmas, we have devise 5 top tips on how you can maintain high traffic. Whether you’re a printer or paving contractor, you’re sure to have different points throughout the year where your business could thrive or have less customers than usual. It’s business at the end of the day. So we put our heads together and came up with 5 tips to help you and your business. We hope that this will help your business over Winter and avoid any quiet spells.

1. Social Interactions

Your social media accounts are a brilliant source of interaction for your clients. Whether it be to post your offers or keep clients in the loop, social media is highly effective. You could wish your clients a Merry Christmas, or try to boost your certain products you have available, either way social media is perfect for posting recent updates about your business. Social media also allows you to be a bit more personal with your clients and showcase your business without making it too obvious that you’re trying to sell.

2. Constant Advertising

By maintaining a constant path of advertisements for your business, you are making sure that your business always has a message out there. Try to keep advertisements going throughout the Winter, and then when you are closed, make it clear to clients but leave a port of contact they can get in touch with you on. Whether your advertising is with printing, websites or any other online methods, try to keep everything going and constant throughout Winter, this way there’s no way that clients can forget about you.

3. Use It To Your Advantage

Use the fact that it’s Winter or the run up to Christmas to your advantage by getting into the festive feeling and join in the fun. Whether you do this by showing your staff are looking forward to Christmas by decorating the office or adding a Christmas themed touch to your website, for example snowflakes or a Santa hat on your logo, it’s all worth doing as it shows you’re only human and are looking forward to Christmas too. Be imaginative and think outside the box, this way you’re business is much more likely to get even noticed if they hear that you’ve done something fun or creative.

4. Explore New Paths

It’s all about trial and error for your business, what works and what doesn’t. So while you are experiencing a quiet time, use it to advantage by trailing new things throughout your business. Whether it be by having a new website to start the new year with or adding yourself to directories such as Bizify to add another method of advertising, you’ll be highly impressed with the benefits extra advertising strategies bring to your business.

5. Enjoy Your Time Off!

One of the best things about Christmas is spending time with your family and enjoying your break. You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve this time off work, so enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Whether you do nothing at all or use up your time off with activities and family time, Bizify’s main suggestion is for you to simply enjoy yourself… It’s Christmas after all!

Well, now all that’s left to say is good luck and we hope your business thrives through these Winter months!

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