How Can You Build Brand Awareness?

Friday, 4th November 2022

Having repeat Business is the main goal of any business. Having a powerful brand that is in the minds of your customers will ensure that they reach for your business whenever they need products or services. Reputable marketing experts utilise this as a key part of any marketing strategy.

So, what exactly is brand awareness, and how can it be properly utilised for the benefit of your business?

What Is Brand Awareness?

A customer's ability to identify a given brand and its associated goods or services through cues such as logos and other identifiers is what marketers call "brand awareness."

As an example, when you think of the Google brand, what comes to mind? To think of the company, you might visualise its logo, or even the colours associated with its brand. You might also consider the stylish products they create such as Chromebooks, pixel phones or smart speakers.  

What Makes Brand Awareness So Important?

Whenever we shop, many of us automatically go for the same brands. It's easy to automatically reach for Heinz Ketchup without giving any other brand a second thought. But why do we do this when other products may be more suited to your taste?

Because 95% of all purchases are made without conscious thought, it's crucial to raise awareness of your brand if you want to succeed. We consistently choose to buy the same brands based on their visual signifiers because we have come to associate those brands with quality and reliability. Why go with something you have no experience with? Prior to making a purchasing decision, consumers want assurance that the product or service they are considering is reliable and will meet their needs.

Making your brand the first option for consumers is the pinnacle of marketing success since it leads to increased brand loyalty. But how exactly does one go about creating such widespread recognition for their product or service?

The 4 Stages Of Brand Awareness

There are 4 stages to brand awareness that you need to understand if you are to make the most of your marketing activities. 

The first stage is where we all start, with zero brand awareness, at this point, your customers will not think of you when they need something. 

Second is the brand recognition phase, in this stage, your customers will be able to recognise your business by the logo’s colours and more. 

Third is brand recall, at this point your customers will think of you when they need a service, even without a visual cue. When you need a drink, you may immediately think of Pepsi for example. 

Finally, we have immediate brand awareness, at this stage, your business will be at the top of customers' minds, when they require a product or service, they will come straight to you with no thought of any other business, this is the ultimate goal. 

Find A Niche In The Market

Finding your market segment is crucial for name recognition. To get to the top of the awareness pyramid and increase consumer preference for your brand, you must define and convey your company's authority in the industry and the value of your products and services must satisfy the needs of your target audience. 

Establish Your Unique Brand Identity

When you have found your market niche, you need a memorable brand name and logo to make your business stand out. Several factors contribute to the formation of a recognisable brand:

Develop a unique logo and colour scheme and employ it consistently in all promotional materials (social media images, infographics, blogs, etc.)

Establish and maintain the tone and style that is unique to your brand, would you use a formal or informal tone while speaking to customers?

Making your website's interface straightforward, intuitive, and quick can go a long way toward gaining the trust of your site's visitors.

If you want to build a strong brand, you need to be consistent with the choices you make. Customers won't recognise or remember you if you're always trying out new looks, logos, and slogans.

Share Your Businesses Story

Trust is the foundation on which brand recognition is constructed. Communicating the ups and downs of your company's history to potential customers is a great way to make them feel more comfortable with you and your offerings.

Make Sure Your Business Is On The Customer’s Mind

With this newfound information, you can get started working your way up the awareness pyramid and raise your brand's profile.

There will be no overnight success, but if you follow the steps outlined in this article, your brand will quickly rise to the forefront of consumers' minds.

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