From A Part Time Home Job To Large Family Business

Tuesday, 20th July 2021

Whilst the idea of running a part-time business out of your home may not seem like the ideal situation for most people, Steve McManus decided it was the right path for him. Having decided in 2004 to start the journey of self-employment on a part-time basis, Mac Logistics was founded. Becoming a limited company in December 2004 started to put the coals on the fire for what was going to become a booming freight and distribution company. Over the years Mac Logistics has slowly and surely become a large distribution business, now with Steve and his two sons at the helm, it is destined to continue succeeding at the rate it already is.

Their Success

Back in 2007, Steve decided to take the company down the road of full time and put all of his time and effort into the services he wanted to offer, focusing on freight and distribution as he continued to grow his fleet of vans and also the space he was working from. Then when his son Paul reached the young age of 21, Steve’s youngest son became managing director and became the forward thinker of the operation. With the addition of Adam, the youngest, came the need to develop and grow the company even further, this time on a large scale. Mac Logistics was moved into their current Liverpool Airport site, which is a staggering 15,000sq ft, but it gets even better for this business trio. More space was needed and by the end of April 2021, they had moved into a 40,000 sq ft warehouse. Our team here at Bizify are impressed by the leaps and bounds this company has come on since it was a part-time home job.

Freight & Distribution Experts

Now in a building that is equal to some of the other large scale shipping companies in Liverpool, the business brained trio have a full set-up including; loading and unloading vehicles, containers, 1000 pallet spaces and a full pick and pack operation in place. One of the things that have impressed our team here at Bizify is their determination to succeed and excel at becoming one of the best shipping companies in Liverpool.

Having worked tirelessly to develop and grow Mac Logistics means they have years of experience in the industry. Providing clients across Liverpool, Merseyside and the UK with shipping services such as freight forwarding. Focusing on being a customer-friendly company they keep you up to date every step of the way and keep their prices competitive at all costs. By starting as a small part-time job we believe companies have a different approach to business than those that started off already established.

Hard work and determination can be seen in Mac logistics and will keep it thriving for years to come. The distribution side of their business is just as successful as the freight. Offering some of the highest quality customer services we have seen here at Bizify, they have excelled in everything they turn their hands to.

Thriving During Covid-19

Whilst a vast number of businesses struggled during the pandemic and also needed government support and help, Mac Logistics has continued to work hard and grow. Not only that but they have provided Liverpool and the UK with the essential service of being able to transport goods without delay, hidden key workers! Being able to send freight during the pandemic to loved ones who live abroad or if you own a business and needed to ship your goods, companies like Mac Logistics were working tirelessly in the background.

One of the main reasons we wanted to highlight Mac Logistic this month as a company that impressed us is that their main developments and growth into larger premises happened during the pandemic. This shows us immediately how perfectly their business plan has been built, while other companies have struggled, Steve and his sons have not only kept Mac Logistics afloat but they are now sailing forward at speed.

Why Did We Want To Highlight Mac Logistics?

The global pandemic we are in the midst of has made self-starting companies up and down the country lose their way, financially and also lose customers, so when we find companies that we know have managed to survive and grow, we want to shout about it! The passion and determination Steve, his two sons and the whole team at Mac Logistics put into developing and growing their skill set is incredible. Having that level of determination and drive to succeed has helped grow this company from a part-time job working out of the family home, through to a large scale freight and distribution service, working not only in Liverpool but the whole of the UK and across Europe.

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