Does Your Website Suffer A High Bounce Rate?

Friday, 3rd February 2017

If your website is suffering from a high bounce rate, then it could be down caused by a number of factors. Driving traffic to your website is important, but keeping visitors interested and driving them to different parts of your website is even more important. With an increased amount of time spent on your website, the visitor is more likely to turn into a conversion.

Reasons Your Website Could Be Suffering A High Bounce Rate

There are many reasons that can cause a website to suffer from a high bounce rate, we’ve collected together a few of the most common reasons that cause high bounce rate, these are:

Slow To Load

For a long-time Google has indicated that the speed of a website is a part of their ranking algorithm; so, it’s important that your website has a good response time. When pages take too long to load, many visitors simply get fed up and leave to find the information they need, elsewhere.

Relevant Content

Having a page with content that’s relevant to a user’s search query will mean they are more likely to spend time reading the content on the page; when content doesn’t match the query or term they’re searching for, then they will likely leave your website; meaning you suffer from a higher bounce rate.

Misleading Meta Title / Description

When it comes to meta titles and meta descriptions, it’s important to ensure that they match the content on the landing page. When users visit a website, and they think a page is about one thing, only to find it’s about something else, then they’re more than likely to leave. When righting meta titles and meta descriptions, make sure it reflects the content on the page, and when users click your link on search engines they will be more likely to stay on the website.

Technical Error

If the bounce rate of your website is exceptionally high and people are only spending a few seconds on a page then it could be a technical error or blank page. Most people who land on a 404 page, will leave a site immediately without looking at any other aspects of the website.

Low Quality Content

When people land on a page, there’s nothing worse that poor quality content. If a page doesn’t have enough information or lacks information, then they’re likely to leave your site. Having content that’s relevant and engaging, will lead to users spending more time of a page and potentially the rest of the site.

User Experience

If you’re wanting to keep people on your website for longer, then providing a good user experience is essential. Websites that bombard people with ads, surveys or email subscribe buttons, can be quite off putting for people, causing them to leave the site; which in turn causes the website to suffer a high bounce rate. If a website has a confusing navigation or a user can’t find what they’re looking for then they will simply leave. Websites that have clear navigation or intelligent subscription buttons, will improve a user’s experience, encouraging them to interact with other parts of your site.

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