Daily Inspiration for your Small Business

Wednesday, 6th December 2017


Most people like to draw their inspiration from famous people, books, and even personal sayings. However, contrary to what most people believe, the best motivation for any company actually lies closer to them. According to Kristi Hedges, author of ‘The Inspiration Code’, the key to inspiration is simple daily interactions with the immediate manager. Kristi believes good leaders inject positive energy to their subjects every single day.

You can achieve this through the following ways:

1. Listening

You can be a great inspiration to people when you listen to them rather than talking and passing down commands. Kristi believes listening to your employees, customers, and vendors is more effective at making a personal connection than spending so much time trying to draft a marketing message. Therefore, take time and listen to your team, and let them express their concerns. Let them know that their opinions matter to you and that you need them for the company to thrive. This is true of any size business but particularly in small businesses where the working environment is much smaller and everyone is a little bit closer to each other.

Daily Inspiration for your Small Business

2. Identify the Potential in Others

It is a good thing to acknowledge and appreciate other peoples’ work and capabilities. Most employees may not be aware that they are good at performing certain tasks. As a manager, take time to point out such unique talents to them. An employee will draw so much inspiration from such a simple gesture. Show them that you believe in them and tell them that they can make it.

3. Avoid Any Distractions

According to a research headed by Shalini Misra of Virginia Tech University, the presence of mobile phones during any conversation has the ability to divert the attention of the participants, thus undermining the effectiveness of face to face communications. For instance, even without active use, leaving a smart phone on the table can distract the listener during a conversation. One is likely to miss some subtle cues, change in tone and facial expressions and even losing eye contact. To have an effective face to face conversation, avoid any distractions. Put your phone on silent mode and keep it away.

4. Focus on Personal Conversations

The kind of interaction that employees have with their manager plays a very vital role in their professional lives. Be the kind of manager that can communicate effectively and in a natural way that is not offending to anyone. Kristi says that employees can hold on to an inspiring conversation for a lifetime. She goes on to state that such conversations go beyond the course or purpose of their presence and go further to find patterns that will further their journey and inspire their passion.

5. Be Authentic

Kristi advises that if you wish to be an inspiration to your subordinates, as a manager, do not portray that ‘well-honed uber professional persona’. Employees are inspired by an authentic leader who does not try so hard on perfection. Be a leader who does not condemn failure but rather takes it as part of the learning process. Nobody is impressed or inspired by a leader who tries to be large and perfect and wants everybody to emulate him.

Daily inspiration for a small business is a must. With such a small, intimate environment, distractions can occur, changes in atmosphere can affect the whole team and so much more, but having that small working environment can be a huge asset if there is motivation to do the best, be the best and take the company forward, as one.

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