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Thursday, 5th January 2023

Every business has unique needs when it comes to SEO and what works for one business may not work for another. For this reason, we look at every single company in a unique light in order to determine which course of action will be best. When Classic Paving first came to us, their business was doing well by using word of mouth to expand their business, but they were not taking full advantage of their online presence. By working together to improve the website content, technical performance and link profile, we have been able to achieve great success in a relatively short period of time. 

In this blog we will detail the way in which we have used a detailed SEO plan to reach new heights with Classic Paving, helping them to provide bespoke paving solutions to more people than ever. Hopefully, you are able to learn something from this blog that you are able to implement within your own business marketing strategies. 

How Did We Use Content To Improve Results? 

Content has two main purposes when it comes to website design. The first purpose is to pass information on to customers so that they can better understand the business and the services/products on offer. The second purpose is to tell search engines what the website is all about so that we can rank higher on search engine result pages. Fulfilling just one of these requirements without the other will fail to achieve the results that are needed, using both in conjunction is the answer. 

Our team were able to create keyword-rich content using terms related to the paving industry from industry terminology to phrases that potential customers might search, and this content helped Google to understand that Classic Paving is a true authority when it comes to paving and driveways in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. By using SEO tools such as surfer, we were able to identify exactly what Google wanted to see and we used this to great effect. 

Using Content And Link Building Together 

Of course content alone is never quite enough; link building is a crucial part of a website's success. We created blog pages so that we can pass strength onto internal pages and we were able to point links to these blogs, therefore strengthening the whole website. Using strategies that synergise together has allowed Classic Paving to create a robust website that performs brilliantly within their industry, especially in targeted areas such as Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. 

Placing links is usually the easy part, it is finding the right links in the first place that can be the challenge. Our team has been able to source high-quality links to strengthen Classic Paving’s position online and we hope to continue using these strategies to guarantee success going forward. 

Performance Creates Results

You may have the most beautiful website in the world with perfect content and imagery, but if the technical performance of your website isn't to a high standard, you won’t see the success that you deserve. When we first began working with Classic Paving we found several technical concerns within the website and this is completely normal as very few websites are perfect. By resolving many of the issues that the website had, we were able to improve the speed and functionality of the site whilst also making it easier for Google’s algorithms to crawl through, allowing for new pages to index quickly so that any new content can get to work as quickly as possible. 

Carrying out technical work behind the scenes can often seem like a poor investment when compared to flashy new pages as the results are not as easy to see. Fortunately, the amazing team at Classic Paving placed their trust in our SEO and development experts and thus we were able to make giant leaps in performance. If you think your website could do with a tune-up, speak with our team and see how we can help. 

Help Your Business To Succeed Today! 

It is safe to say that we are very pleased with how Classic Paving have succeeded in recent years and we hope to see this growth continue through the coming years. Why not take a look at their website or their free directory listing yourself and see what they are all about? You never know when you may need a team of paving and driveway professionals in the Chesterfield and Mansfield area. 

If you would like to experience the same level of success for your business’s online presence, speak with our team and get started. Whilst the journey is different for every business, we are sure that our content, technical and link-building process will work wonders for you as it has for so many others already.

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