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Monday, 1st August 2016

How did Xebra Accounting come about?

Xebra Accounting started when I left a larger accounting practice to develop cloud based accounting services, which I saw as a game changer as to how accountants work with their clients. The name was simply an idea that we came up for a modern firm, and when we saw the designers logo ideas, our xebra stood out from her other ideas.

What is a typical day like at Xebra Accounting?

We are a small team, but do operate as a team, so that we help and support each other. We have fab offices, which show off our corporate colours, orange and purple, including our orange sofa and purple egg chairs! Everyone visiting us tells us how nice the offices are and how different we are to any other accountants they have been to.

Can you tell us more about what Xebra Accounting do on a day-to-day basis?

Cloud based accounting means access from anywhere to your accounting system. It also means we have access to and can watch over our clients accounting, spot issues and resolve them very quickly. So rather than do everything historically, we now have the ability to be real time accountants, and we interact with our clients day to day, month to month, dealing with matters as they arise, and not once a year 6 months after the year end.

Is there anything you wish to promote? What about the services you offer?

The focus of our work is to ensure clients keep great bookkeeping records. That way vat returns, annual accounts and tax can be done very quickly as it falls due, and at a much lower cost. We also add value to our clients by working with them to improve the efficiency of their business, improving profits, reducing the hours they work, and helping them make better financial decisions and achieve their personal and business goals.

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Xebra Accounting

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