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Tuesday, 5th May 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?
We are made up of experienced printers and designers who work together on a day-to-day basis to produce a wide range of graphics and materials for customers all over Alloa, Scotland, the UK and abroad too (design only). Everyone within the Wee Print team plays a vital role and when all hands are on deck, we can produce ultra-fast turnaround on all printed materials, all the while maintaining the quality standards we pride ourselves on. Each job is different from the next, but seemlessly go hand in hand to ensure the team functions as one.
Can you tell us more about how and when Wee Print was established and how this came about?
Wee Print was established in 2010 by myself, Jenny Johnston, a mum of two.
5 years ago I felt it was time to 'Go Solo' after developing my skills as a printer and designer, and gaining valuable managing experience whilst working in my previous job. Wee Print now employs a team of versatile individuals who can comfortably manage any tasks they are set within the print and design field.    
What are the tasks Wee Print deal with on a daily basis?
On a day-to-day basis, Wee Print can be seen focusing on flyers, leaflets, business cards, outdoor posters, banners, wedding stationery, bespoke displays, and other forms of printed media. Our expertise and care for customers means we are capable of taking on multiple jobs at the same time and completing them in good time to meet our customers expectations. Wee Print seek to provide a PERSONAL SERVICE to all our customers, whether that be local or further afield, and with that being said, we are always a phone call away! 
Do you have anything NEW you want to talk about?
Just a few things!
Wee Print have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE set to be launched in the middle of June (hopefully - fingers crossed!). The website launch is an exciting time as we embark on new adventures and look to take positive steps forward from a business point of view. The launch itself means Wee Print are in the process of conjuring up COMPETITIONS and PRIZES, DISCOUNTS and MORE, so that launch day includes all our faithful followers and supporters.
Social Media has played a big part in the success of Wee Print as a lot of our early customers came through the likes of Facebook and Twitter so we would like to encourage anyone reading this on Social Media to come and share with us!!  

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