Business of the Month - Surefire Print

Thursday, 2nd April 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?
Surefire Print are made up of a team of 3, where I (Simon) direct the play on a day-to-day basis, making sure everyone fires on all cyclinders. Throughout the week you will find us carrying out speedy print tasks for those local businesses in Surrey who require next day materials, as well as doing our utmost to ensure quality is maintained across the board. As a team we gel well, work together, and we can feel the buzz when we are put under pressure and have deadlines to meet. As a reaosnably small team, it's easy to get on with things and make sure things are done right.
We have our own in-house designer too, who helps us to create professional looking materials. This is a big part of the reason our reputation has grown as it has done in the Weybridge area. 
Can you tell us more about how and when Surefire Print was established and how this came about?
Established in 2008, Surefire Print was purposefully positioned in Weybridge because of the team we have, and where we live of course. The aim was to provide quality digital, litho and screen printing services to the businesses in Surrey, with a view to improve standards, and help those around us with their marketing. Our company ethos is to deliver a high level of customer care, combined with the highest standard of printing available anywhere on the market. After 7 years in business, we feel our service has improved as we always seek to deliver personal printing using the most effective means possible. 
What are the tasks Surefire Print deal with on a daily basis?
On a day-to-day basis, Surefire Print will be buzzing around like busy bees. No matter how big or small t he job at hand might be, we will always try our best to make our customers ideas become a reality. Seeing ideas come to life is something we love to do, and regardless of whether our customers are looking for business brochures, large format printing, t-shirt printing, or help with design, Surefire Print will always go the extra mile to ensure total satisfaction.
Do you have anything specific you want us to promote?
T-shirt Printing and Leather Jacket Printing has always been popular in these parts and we want people to recognise the standard of service we deliver. As you can see by visiting our Gallery page, the clothing or materials we put out the door have all been finished to a top standard. Something we take immense pride in.

Surefire Print, Printers in Weybridge, Surrey

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